4 Weeks Post Surgery

I am  now closer to getting the boot off than having had it put on. That is a cause for rejoicing, I think.

In two weeks, I should get Mr. Boot off. I hate Mr. Boot, by the way.

All the swelling in my ankle is 100% gone. At least I hope so. If my ankles get any narrower, Mr. Boot will no longer fit.

I still have some numbness in the big toe, but it keeps receding, bit by bit.

Today my butterfly bandages finally came off, which means I can get my foot wet! Yay! clean feet for everyone tonight! (Oooh – and legs shaved all the way to the ankle!)

My right foot is weird & shiny looking, not smooth & happy like left foot.

Although the toes & foot look pretty normal and not swollen from the top.  You can also see the absence of Damian very well in this picture (and Damian, Jr. on the left foot):

They do not have the same effect from the side. You can see that my right foot is more swollen top to bottom, and also not as flexible in the ankle (I can’t roll it out the same way the left foot is rolled).

And a foot comparison:

Right now, the biggest issue seems to be a recurrence of pain. I’d been feeling pretty good. Between Wednesday afternoon & Saturday afternoon, I took nothing for pain at all.

Then, Saturday morning, I fell. I jammed my foot (heel, but still…) into the ground so hard. I managed to twist my ankle while doing so, and have been having some foot pain (and a hell of a lot of ankle pain) since.

I am back to 1-2 doses of ibuprofen/day, and can barely put weight on it.

I’m hoping this is a temporary setback and that I’m still on track to get Mr. Boot off in 2 weeks.

AND – because I made you sit through all of that, here’s something cute to get the image of my nasty-ass feet out of your head:

My cat - reaching for the birds (like stars, only closer)

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