November 2010 Goals
November 2010 Goals

November 2010 Goals

But, as always, first my October recap.

October 2010 Goals (the recap)

  1. Do not die during my 10K on Sunday. – SUCCESS! I am still alive! And I finished the whole 10Ks (with a little help from my friends.)
  2. Do not die during surgery. – SUCCESS! Once again, came through completely alive.
  3. Do not die during recovery. – SUCCESS! Although there were a few times I wished I was dead, so far, I am nearly 4 weeks into recovery, and am alive.
  4. Throw the ass-kicking-est Spooktacular Halloween costume party ever. (And, of course, do not die whilst doing so.) – SUCCESS! The party was rockin’. Although if I ever try to plan a party when I’m not 100% mobile again, someone should knock some sense into me.
  5. Don’t the the voices in my head get me down.My goal is to stay as positive as possible. – half SUCCESS! I did pretty well most of the time, I think. There was a lot more pain than I anticipated, which was awful. There is a lot of frustration with not being able to do the simplest things (like carry a full beverage). BUT, overall, I think I’ve done a decent job maintaining my positive attitude, in the midst of pain, frustration, and the shortening daylight hours.

November 2010 Goals

  1. Get the boot off (November 16)
  2. Be walking normally by the end of November
  3. Finish all holiday shopping
  4. Get back to regular gym visits
  5. Stay on this healthy eating track that I’ve been doing. I’ve been so good at eating when hungry & stopping when not. I’ve lost weight since surgery, although it’s hard to know how much, since it’s hard to weigh my self balancing on one leg.


    1. Hopefully walking successfully from CHH to my office. And then to toast. 🙂

      I am not making any celebratory plans until it’s for real. The way I feel today makes me doubt that I’ll ever be off crutches.

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