October 2010 Goals

There are only three months left of this year. How is that even possible? And, since it’s nearly 2011, where is my flying car?

ANYWAYS – on to the real stuff. Monthly goals.

September 2010 Goal Recap

  1. Month of healthy; last month before surgery, gotta make the most of it! – ha ha ha ha ha! I had a pretty good start. And then I got sick. And didn’t eat. And then I got well and did. Overall, I’d give me a C on this one.
  2. Work out at least 20 times in 30 days – FAIL! What with the sick and the laziness and the sense of impending doom zapping my motivation, I ended up working out about 12 times.
  3. Get house cleaned & prepped for my month of not functioning well – in progress, but it will be a SUCCESS!
  4. Can salsa & marinara for the next year (18 pints salsa; 12 qts marinara; if possible, 12 qts of plain tomatoes, too) – got the salsa done (all 18 pints), but not marinara or plain tomatoes. BOO! half SUCCESS! And really, it’s only a fail because I can only justify buying so many tomatoes.
  5. Learn to make a new kind of cheese – SUCCESS! I made queso blanco, and it was awesome.

October 2010 Goals

  1. Do not die during my 10K on Sunday. It’s not a real 10K, so my slow time will not be immortalized on the internets (unless I immortalize it there, which, knowing me, I probably will).
  2. Do not die during surgery. (This is not really up to me, but it seems a good goal.)
  3. Do not die during recovery. I need to be slow & careful with my broken foot. If I am good, I could have the boot off by Thanksgiving, which would be beyond awesome. I need to not push. Something I’m not real good at. I have trouble understanding the merits of taking things slow. Why isn’t full speed ahead the best way?
  4. Throw the ass-kicking-est Spooktacular Halloween costume party ever. (And, of course, do not die whilst doing so.)
  5. Don’t the the voices in my head get me down. I think this is going to be a tough month (which is why I’m planning a huge party at the end of it, even if I will be the hostess with boot – I need something to look forward to), and I tend to start focusing inward & getting super negative, which causes apathy, anti-social behavior, and depression (couldn’t come up with another appropriate “A” word). My goal is to stay as positive as possible. To not let my inability to get around easily impact my view of myself, and to reach out to people when I need to do so.

Well – that was light & fluffy, right? To make up for goal #5, please just look at this:

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