So – here it is. Monday already. The day before Tuesday. The day before surgery.  I know that you have all been dying to know if I finished all eleventy-million of the items on my to-do list over the weekend.  So – quick update.

  1. Write a 3 page paper (Thursday)
  2. Write a 1 page paper (Thursday)
  3. Get a massage/chiro adjustment (Friday)
  4. Brew Review (Friday)
  5. Pick all the green tomatoes & ripe tomatillos (Friday)
  6. Halloween costume shopping (Saturday)
  7. Halloween decoration shopping (Saturday)
  8. 10K route mapping (Saturday)
  9. Can green tomato/tomatillo salsa (Saturday) – not enough to can!
  10. 10K (Sunday)oh, yeah, bitches….finished my slowest 10K ever (approx 1:16, beating my previous PW of 1:13:xx). Had some great co-runners, most of whom don’t even blog (the nerve!).

Check out the awesomeness that is the finisher certificates the Ambitious One made for us!

11. BRUNCH! (Sunday) this was so fantastically awesome. The kick-ass neighbors hosted the 10K runners and served up posole, chilaquiles, arroz con leche & bloody marys. Best farewell party (for Damian) ever.

12. Clean house (Sunday)

13. Pull out all tomato/tomatillo plants; plant cover crop (Sunday) –The architect decided that he would continue to monitor the tomato situation & plant cover crops later this month, so they are still there!

14. Write 2 page paper (Sunday/Monday)

15. Get groceries (Sunday)

16. Get downstairs set up for my sojourn on the sofa (Sunday/Monday)

I have been having stupid surgery nightmares for the last few days. Nothing normal, like they accidentally amputate or do the wrong foot or something. No – things like the architect being mad because I forgot to get him Fresca at the market, so he makes me walk to & from the market without my crutches.

Also – I work in a hospital, and there are posters about advertising interesting guest speakers & topics, etc. Lately, every single poster I’ve seen has been about surgical fires. So, last night I dreamed that the surgical team lit me on fire, and then roasted s’mores over my foot. NOT COOL, people.

ANYWAYS – my surgery is scheduled at noon tomorrow, with a check-in time at 10 AM. I will get to sleep in a bit, watch the architect have his morning coffee AND breakfast. *sigh*

I will let you all know if I don’t die tomorrow!

And, in advance, thank you to my volunteer Amy-sitters and dinner preparers. I have the best friends ever!


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