Change of Subject (kind of)

I am NOT going to talk about the upcoming foot surgery today. I know you’re super relieved.

Instead, I am going to talk about all the things I want to get accomplished this weekend, and then you can tell me that I’m completely nuts for thinking I can get that many things done in three days.

  1. Write a 3 page paper (Thursday)
  2. Write a 1 page paper (Thursday)
  3. Get a massage/chiro adjustment (Friday)
  4. Volunteer for the last time for a while (Friday)
  5. Brew Review (Friday)
  6. Pick all the green tomatoes & ripe tomatillos (Friday)
  7. Halloween costume shopping (Saturday)
  8. Halloween decoration shopping (Saturday)
  9. 10K route mapping (Saturday)
  10. Can green tomato/tomatillo salsa (Saturday)
  11. 10K (Sunday)
  12. BRUNCH! (Sunday)
  13. Clean house (Sunday)
  14. Pull out all tomato/tomatillo plants; plant cover crop (Sunday)
  15. Write 2 page paper (Sunday/Monday)
  16. Get groceries (Sunday)
  17. Get downstairs set up for my sojourn on the sofa (Sunday/Monday)

Good to know I won’t be busy or anything!

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