Weekend in Review

Another busy weekend – are there any other kinds? Alas, this weekend is picture free, due to the fact that my camera is currently a) broken and b) hoarding the photos on it & not sharing.

Friday, I headed to yoga in the park with Emily. It was a pretty good class – yoga in the park definitely offers some balance challenges.

After yoga, we wandered about for awhile before heading to VQ to meet up with The Ambitious Birthday Girl and a few other friends (including the blogless Lisa & Sarah) for a great birthday lunch. After lunch, it was back home for some yard work followed by dinner with the architect, then drinks & dessert with the kick-ass neighbors. Kick-ass neighbor #1 also had a birthday last weekend, so much celebration was in order.

Saturday was pretty awesome – I started the day with a 5.5 mile run in Forest Park. Longest run I’ve done since the Bridge to Brews 10K in April. Good news: no Damian pain during the run. Bad news: the distance + elevation gain + a body unused to such things anymore = super painful quads the next day. It was definitely worth it, though. It was one of those magic runs where everything just feels so perfect & you don’t want to go back.

Saturday afternoon was more yard work in the heat, and then my cousin & her bf came over for dinner. Her bf helped the architect get his job, so we definitely wanted to thank them.

Sunday was a lazy morning, followed by a little yard work & then a trip downtown to the beer festival. The architect & I tried to buy 14 tasting tokens each, but for some reason the guy gave us 50 tokens. A lot of beer was tasted!

Monday (which I’m counting as a weekend, since I didn’t work) was pretty low-key. I’d tweaked my neck in the shower in the morning, and decided that was a good enough reason to stay home. I did some cleaning, made some bread, and made English muffins. The muffins are not perfect, but they are still pretty good. Next time they’ll be better, I think.

Monday afternoon I head up to the ‘Couv to visit Emily’s garden & then we went to Ft. Vancouver for another yoga in the park session – this one taught BY Emily. It was a great class; a good mix of some basic stuff and some really challenging stuff. She’s turning into a GREAT instructor.

And now? Back to work. And a lot of work it is. It’s definitely going to be a busy three days!

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