Dirty Hippie!

So – you all know I’m a dirty hippie. I make my own laundry detergent & grow & can my own food. I don’t use chemical cleaners in my house. (I do, however, clean my house, so maybe I’m a relatively clean hippie?) I use TOM’S OF MAINE TOOTHPASTE and don’t eat HFCS or partially hydrogenated anything.  Hippie.

Last weekend, I decided to take my hippie-ness to a whole special level. I bought aluminum-free deodorant. Now, from what I understand, the aluminum piece is the antiperspirant part (right?), so aluminum-free stuff is just a deodorant.

My particular purchase, after carefully researching & weighing the various alternatives at the store (I went with the 2nd cheapest one, no way in hell am I spending more than $10 on a tube of deodorant), I ended up with a lavender & lichen solid deodorant. Apparently the lichen is supposed to act as a natural antiperspirant.

The results: I did not feel particularly more sweaty than with my regular toxic product. So, the lichen is a big winner.

HOWEVER -I don’t think it’s primary function of deodorizing actually worked. I love the smell of lavender (which is why that’s what I use in my laundry detergent, too). This stuff? Did not smell like lavender. At yoga the other night, our (awesome) instructor kept having us put our hands in the air (like we just didn’t care), and every time I caught a whiff of myself, I cringed. I’m pretty sure my hippie deodorant actually made smell like a hippie. A dirty, dirty hippie.

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