Brew Review #18 – Rogue
Brew Review #18 – Rogue

Brew Review #18 – Rogue

July 9, 2010 was the 18th (!) Brew Review.

A few of us gathered at Rogue for the usual beer tasting, food eating, and camaraderie.

For some reason, I took almost no pictures this time – including NONE of the beer sampler! For shame!

The beers:


  • The gazelle: super delicious, all oregon-ingredients, very good
  • The architect: very good

Brutal IPA

  • The gazelle: hoppy, not too strong
  • Emily: too much!

Menage a Frog

  • The gazelle: ewwww…..too weet, too much honey
  • Andrew: I like it!

Double Dead

  • The gazelle: not as good as the original

John John

  • the gazelle: I like it! It’s fresh & green tasting!

Hazelnut Brown

  • YUM! from everyone
  • Emily – it tastes like Christmas

Snickers (1/2 hazelnut + 1/2 chocolate stout)

  • OMG! Thanks for the recommendation, Lisa!


  1. Alisa

    Looks like a fun time! Sorry we are losers and everyone hates us now =). I can’t believe there is a picture of that and not one of the beer sampler, what kind of brew review was this?? JK

    What’s the next “R” on the list?

    Also, very cute picture of you E and C at the end.

  2. Awww, looks like a fabulous way to spend an evening!
    We have a total of ONE brewery in these parts and it JUST opened a few weeks ago. But on the bight side.. they have a few of my PDX favorites on tap, thank 8lb 6oz baby Jesus.

    Congrats to your newly employed husband! I hope I can get mine to follow suit. 😉

  3. POM

    You’re too cute.
    I wish I was there. I am just starting to get into beer again. It started in Kentucky with “Bourbon Beer.” It’s pretty much the bestest beer in the uni.

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