Corn Chronicles 2010 – Part Who Knows?

You guys! I have sucked at doing weekly garden posts. And it’s already July 20! This is one crazy ass speedy summer.

But, fortunately for everyone who’s just been DYING to know what my garden looks like – here are some updates!

The corns are getting so big & strong. Most of them are starting to tassel and if you look really closely, you can see baby corns forming. So far the big winners are Quinta, Amy & James corns. (James is making a surprising comeback after last year’s wimpy-ness…do you think my dad is cheating & using divine intervention?) The rest are not far behind, though!

I’ve got some awesome looking beans that are ready for eating:

And my peas are fattening up nicely:

My carrots are coming along (I’ve eaten a couple of them, and they are EXCELLENT!)

It’s nearly time to make some beet pickles…yum.

My lemon tree is doing its best to make me a few lemons. It’s the first year, so I wasn’t expecting any!

The artichokes are so tall…but they are not very artichokey yet….this was an accidental purchase, so I’ve no idea what’s going to happen here.

I have a few viney things growing – some zucchini and pumpkins, and the cucumbers are starting, too!

The hops are taller than me – and grow a few inches every day!

I am concerned about the tomatoes & peppers – they just aren’t as robust as last year. It’s kind of sad!

I was hoping for millions of tomatoes this year, but so far, this is all I have:

The Serrano is trying to make up for all his lazy brothers & sisters:

I do have some beautiful flowers, though!

It’s so much fun to walk around every night & discover something new. The other night, we had pizza made from our blue potatoes, an onion from the garden, homemade cheeses (goat & mozzarella) & pizza crust made from the leftover whey (although I made the cheese & picked the product, the architect & our kick-ass neighbor actually did most of the cooking) . I love being able to make a meal out of what I’ve grown myself! (The other things on the pizza were artichoke hearts & tomatoes, both of which could have come from my garden if it was the end of August, right?)

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