July 2010 Goals

I am LATE with the goals this month. It’s already July 5th! CRAZY!

As per usual, the June wrap-up comes first.

June 2010 Goals

  1. It is the month of healthy living. Meals will be planned in advance with maximum whole grains, lean protein and fruits and veggies. The architect & I have been kind of over-indulgent of late, and it’s starting to show – moderate SUCCESS! This is one of those areas that will always have room for improvement, I think. I have, however, lost just over 2.5 lbs in the last two weeks & am slowly but surely working on ramping up the fruit & veg intake again.
  2. Buy the party deck supplies & get a good start on the deck – FAIL! We do, however, have the plans finalized and should hopefully finish the cost estimate soon so we can get started.
  3. Register for the professional certification courses that I would like to do (in addition to my regular grad school) – FAIL! I am actually going to put this off until fall…so it’s a calculated fail. 🙂
  4. Post corn chronicles every week (stay tuned for this Wednesday’s edition!) – FAIL! But stay tuned tomorrow for another corn chronicle. Everything is pretty much knee-high by yesterday, so we’re in good shape.
  5. Host a jam making shin-dig (all those interested, let me know your availability – I can’t do the 19th of June – I think someone’s getting married that day – but I’m available 6/12, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27) – SUCCESS! And it was so much fun. We made strawberry, raspberry & blueberry jams. And they are delicious.
  6. Attend at least 10 yoga classes and swim at least 9 times. Bike outside 4 times. – pretty much a FAIL! I yoga’d five times, swam five times & biked outside only three times. BOO!
  7. Get foot surgery scheduled. – SUCCESS! I am having surgery on October 5. Yay?
  8. Learn to make three new things (I know I want to do English muffins and homemade root beer/ginger ale…not sure what thing #3 will be) – SUCCESS! I made root beer, ginger ale & cream soda; I learned how to make Mexican rice AND my kick-ass neighbor’s awesome green salsa; I also learned how to make saffron rice. It was a rice-y month.

July 2010 Goals

  1. Eat a minimum of 4 servings of fruit/veg each day (starting July 5, of course)
  2. Make goat cheese AND cheddar cheese
  3. Lift weights four times; yoga eight times; ride bike to work once/week; swim once/week
  4. Redo monthly budget to account for raise (which has been in effect for five days now – all of which have been vacation or holiday days so far; love my raise)
  5. Finalize cost estimate for deck; purchase supplies

Later this week, there is going to be an exciting contest! Stay tuned!

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