Another busy weekend

I think that one of these weekends, I’m just going to hole up in my house, turn off my phone, not check my email (ha ha ha ha) and refuse to go out.

I am exhausted. The last few days have been BUSY!

On Wednesday, we found out that, at long last, the architect has a job! He wasn’t ready to announce it, as all the background stuff wasn’t done yet, but we celebrated anyways (of course).

Thursday, I made him take me out for dinner, since he could no longer use the “I don’t have a job” excuse (even if he hasn’t yet been paid).

Friday, I yoga-ed in the morning (it was SUCH  fantastic class – and my shoulders were SORE then next day), and then started the three day process that is otherwise known as ‘making parmesan cheese.’ Then, I took the architect out for dinner to celebrate his new job. As you do. We had some delicious New Orleans-style food, drinks, and I had this banana bread pudding with whiskey caramel sauce that was out of this world.

Saturday, we went training running, and then I made my kick-ass neighbor drive me all over the suburbs so I could buy a cheese cave (aka a wine fridge) in which to age my hard cheeses. Then, I started making chevre (as you do).

Then, I made lasagna (with fresh, homemade ricotta! woo!). Then I collapsed in a heap on the sofa & fell asleep.

Sunday, the architect & I headed out to meet some friends at the Banks-Vernonia trail. The newly employed architect & I biked, our friends ran (eight miles! woo!), and then we all went to the Helvetia Tavern for fantastic burgers & a post-workout beer.

I was wiped out, people! This is too much activity for me! So, I hid in my house. But not very effectively, apparently. I was found, brutally forced to put on a bra & shoes, and dragged, kicking & screaming down the street to the Fixin’ To for afternoon beers. (My friends are so mean!)

The night ended much later than I would’ve preferred, especially considering I had to be to work at 7 AM this morning and the architect had to be to work by 8! (Let’s just take a moment to bask in the beauty of that statement…the architect, after 20 months of unemployment, briefly interrupted by a couple paying contract jobs, had to go to work. A job. Where they will pay him in cashy money.)

Sigh….only 3.5 more days until it starts all over again! I think I need a vacation from my life for a bit.

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