Book Review: Serena
Book Review: Serena

Book Review: Serena

Serena: A NovelSerena: A Novel by Ron Rash

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of the few books that I’ve read and enjoyed, all the while hating the protagonists. It was a great story, even if I just couldn’t get behind the main characters (Serena, duh, and her husband Pemberton) and their land-raping, ruthless ways.

The last couple of pages were a little anti-climatic (too deus ex machina for my taste) – but the rest of the book truly was a well-written page turner.

I wouldn’t call this beach reading, but I got through it in a couple of days on the bus.

I do want to plead with my friends who give me book recommendations, though – “PEOPLE! What’s up with the depressing books? SERIOUSLY! Get some happy.”

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  1. Alisa

    I really liked Born to Run, read that? I have Jen’s copy and I bet she’d let you borrow it.

    I hate to admit this but if I want a true beach read by go-to’s are Nora Roberts =).

  2. Eliza

    I picked this up at the library when you said it was on your To Read list, and then I put it down. I only gave it about 50 pages before needing to put it aside for some work-related priorities, but when I had leisure to pick it up again, I didn’t. I could not dislike the protagonists more, and I just reread The Great Gatsby! I’m not sure if your recap makes me want to try again or not… I’m reading Cutting for Stone now instead, and the protagonist of that is not 100% lovable, either, but at least he’s sympathetic.

    1. I did enjoy the book, but damn! I hated the protagonists….

      I’ll have to check out Cutting for Stone.

      I certainly don’t require that the protagonist be 100% lovable (that seems unrealistic to me), but there should generally be something that the reader can relate to, right? (I will say, in regards to Serena, that the husband – Pemberton – does become a little more of a sympathetic character towards the end.)

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