Weekend adventures

Last weekend, I hosted a number of really cool people (many of them are sadly blogless) and helped them all make mozzarella for the first time. It was awesome.

There was cheese. And bread. And wine. (And then, we had wine.) Part of the wine drinking is because there is a point in the cheese making where you just have to let it sit for ten minutes, and I like to include in the instructions “and have a glass of wine.” Once you’ve helped make six batches of mozzarella (fortunately not all on the same day), that wine break becomes slightly ill-advised!

I have pictures! Awesome, awesome pictures.

Those pictures are all still on my camera, which is at home. So not useful. (I’ll post them later, because there are some really good ones involving rubber gloves.)

I think a good time was had by all – but especially by me. I can’t believe how much fun I had showing everyone how easy it is to make your own cheese (at least if it’s mozzarella).

I am branching out this weekend, though. This are about to get epic at the gazelle household.

I am going to make feta AND parmesan. Both of which require more work, more time, and (especially in the case of the parmesan) a LOT more patience (minimum aging time for parmesan is 10 months)!

I am also going to make some English muffins. Because I love them. And so many times at the market, I look at the ingredients and see high fructose corn syrup. (Which I’m sure is completely harmless, since it’s just corn, and what could be more natural than corn?) And I don’t want that, because I’m even MORE all-natural than corn. So, an experiment!

AND, then we’re going to start on the beer! Our life is a never-ending adventure (or, more accurately, a never-ending series of making the kitchen completely filthy).

There will be pictures.

Coming Soon to a Kitchen Near You

  • making & canning marinara sauce
  • making & canning pickles
  • canning fruit (pears, peaches, apples, etc.)
  • making/canning salsa (yum)
  • quilt making 101
  • pasta making (this will be presented by someone who definitely isn’t me…..)
  • homemade laundry detergent
  • and this fall? there will be lefse! (very similar to the movie, but with a lot less religion & oil – same amount of blood, though)

anything else you’ve always wanted to know in your quest to be a domestic god/dess? Hit me up in the comments.


  1. Alisa

    Yes please to all of the above except maybe laundry detergent (b/c I love the smell of ALL) and pasta making, I’ve tried it and it was HARD!

    Yay to quilting and canning though!

  2. Dang; you are a domestic goddess! I am in awe….we still need to meet up for a run; Alisa and I dialoged about August some time due to schedules, I am travelling for work until August 6th

    1. I may not be up for a run this year – I am having foot surgery in October, so my runs are infrequent, often canceled, and very short & slow! BUT, I am definitely going to be back next year – faster & stronger than ever (or something).

  3. Damn you we are so totally on the same wave length, except I’m only good at the planning and bad at the execution.

    Is there lefse in “Blood”? Does it take place in Norway? Now I need to watch it. I’ve decided to do the Michigan to Portland Uhaul thing in August (or Sept) so will be bringing back the lefse griddle then. YAy!!!

    PS – did I recommend Serena? I read it recently and agree w/the depressing part of it. Gimme something good!

    1. No lefse in blood! I just typed “There will be lefse” and then giggled, thinking that maybe Daniel Day-Lewis would like some Norwegian food. My mind is a strange, strange place.

      I think all the books I’ve just read or will read soon were suggestions from you!

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