Random Thought Thursday

Are you sick of me talking about swimming yet? Yes?

Oh. Dammit.

OK – I’ll move on – but first, just one more thing! Yesterday I swam 2650 yds! That is 1.5 miles! Yesterday I ran 1.1 miles (brick after my spin class). I ran less than I swam. That is full of crazy, people. CRAZY!

Anyways – other things! The oil in my car was magically changed yesterday. Sometime between when the architect dropped me off at work and when I got home. Elves. Or something.

Also – bike commuters – I think that it is super irresponsible and a trifle stupid to ride on the streets (bike lane or not) with your iPod. Both headphones. (Actually, on busy rush hour commuter streets, I think even one earbud is one too many.) I know that the cars are supposed to watch out for you, but you have to do your part, too. Pay attention! (I bike commuted today, without iPod.)

I have 9 days left of my current class – which is the last class of my first full year of grad school. The class is Information Design & Communication, and is all about fonts & colors & graphics (i.e. things I’m not very good at), so has been quite the challenge. Fun and interesting though. I finish on 6/11, and then have a 10 day break before starting year 2. My first class in year 2? Managerial Accounting. I know you’re jealous! 🙂 (Only 11 classes + a capstone paper left until I get that MS.)

Since all my running goals have been shot out of the water this year, I was thinking of maybe training for a metric century bike ride. Biking does not hurt Damian like running, although I cannot put Damian into my bike shoes, which means my pedal stroke is not as efficient as it could be. But I have been doing more miles, and could totally ride 62.14 miles if I did a little training (long ride so far this year has only been 30 miles). Might be fun.

Tomorrow (Friday) is going to be wicked busy. Yoga, esthetician appointment, lunch (yay!), maybe a run, and then volunteering at Zoo Brew (in the rain, most likely). Saturday is going to be the opposite of busy….I will finish up my homework assignment, and then do a lot of glorious nothing.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

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