Training Goals 5/31/10- 6/6/10
Training Goals 5/31/10- 6/6/10

Training Goals 5/31/10- 6/6/10

The recap (a couple days late, but whatever…)

Training Goals: 5/24 – 5/30

Monday: Easy swim – FAIL! I was not recovered from my 24-hour flu that knocked me out Sunday, so I rested instead.

Tuesday: Run + Yoga – SUCCESS! I ran two speedy miles while my running buddies did 800’s on the track, then we packed it up & headed to yoga. (I also walked just over 1/2 mile to the track before my run.)

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class + post-spin brick run, evening Open Water Swim with the Ambitious One! – 2/3 SUCCESS! I did my morning spin class, but the foot was sore from the previous evening’s run, so I skipped the brick. I didn’t OWS, but I did do my fantastic 2500 yd swim! Yay!

Thursday: Swim – SUCCESS! I swam an easy 1000 yards to stretch out my really sore shoulders from the previous day’s swim, and then I walked just over a mile to MAX

Friday:  Yoga + Bike (actual plan – bike to & from yoga!) – half SUCCESS! I yoga’d, but it was so rainy that I decided to skip the bike.

Saturday: Run 5 miles + party prep (yay! Brad’s 40th birthday) – FAIL! I did not run. I don’t even have a very good excuse – I did homework & party prep all day instead.

Sunday: Rest/Recover from said party – SUCCESS! I rested AND recovered (and planted all my tomatoes & peppers).

Training Goals: 5/31 – 6/6

Monday: Rest – spoiler! I was successful

Tuesday: Swim + Yoga 

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class + post-spin brick run, evening swim with the Ambitious One

Thursday: Bike to work + lunch swim + post-work 20 miler

Friday:  Yoga + possible Forest Park run

Saturday: Bike

Sunday: Run (4-5 miles)


  1. I can’t keep up with all these goals! I especially like the new heathly eating one. Your body will love you for it! I’ve switched over to buffalo meat (from regular ground beef) and I LOVE it! You should try it.

    1. I can tell the difference between buffalo & most beef, but not b/w buffalo and the low-fat organic grass fed beef that was fed on unicorn tears and leprechaun’s special four-leaf clovers. (i.e. the really expensive shit.)

      I think it has more flavor (due to the way its fed & the fact that it’s impossible to feedlot a herd of bison, so they get more exercise).

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