June 2010 Goals

But first! The May wrap-up.

May was ambitious – TEN WHOLE GOALS! Let’s see how I did (I’m a bit afraid as I don’t think I’ve looked at these since May 1.)

May 2010 Goals

  1. I will go to three scary things. Thing #1 – a professionals in my field happy hour. Thing #2 – attend the monthly meeting for a committee that I asked to join [at work]. Thing #3 – Toastmasters.  Succinct goal – be brave & show up. – 2/3 SUCCESS! I did thing #2 AND thing #3! Go me!
  2. Continue to ramp up the outdoor bike miles. I am determined to do at least one sprint triathlon this summer – I can run 3 miles – just not a lot more than that. My swimming is going…swimmingly…so I just need some more consistency on the bike. – Ehhhh – I switched to the 60 minute spin class and went on one long ride, as well as some shorter rides. I guess it was better? so SUCCESS!
  3. For real – YOGA! At least once a week. – complete SUCCESS! I went to five yoga classes in May, and am planning on doubling that in June!
  4. Find the architect a kick-ass 40th birthday present & throw him a kick-ass 40th birthday party. – I’d call this one a success! I got him an iPad for his birthday AND the party was so much fun!
  5. Car care – the car is loooong overdue for an oil change (I can’t tell you how long, because it is incredibly embarrassing) & it would be awesome if I could fill it up with gas before the light comes on. A carwash & some new windshield wipers would be nice, too. – FAIL! Mostly. The gas light didn’t come on, but I didn’t get the oil changed OR get it washed. I will this week though. I promise.
  6. (Oh yeah, I’m a goal maker this month) – do reasonably well (i.e. don’t come in last) at the Open Water Swim that I’m doing later this month. Get in at least one OWS before, so I remember how to swim in a wetsuit & how to not panic when I can’t see the bottom. – half FAIL! I did two Open water swims before the Hagg Lake one, but I didn’t actually go to the swim due to sick.
  7. Relax about the damn foot already. There’s nothing I can do to change anything, so I might as well just enjoy what I do have. – half SUCCESS! I am getting better at just letting it go. I’m trying to do more yoga & swimming & less running. I was on my feet most of Friday & Saturday, and Damian hasn’t recovered yet. 🙁
  8. End the month with tomatoes and peppers in the ground – SUCCESS! I planted 3 tomatillos, 17 tomatoes, and 16 peppers on Sunday!
  9. Continue to make progress on the unnamed goal mentioned in April. – FAIL! June is my month.
  10. Learn InDesign! – SUCCESS! I have learned it and although I’m certainly not an expert, I have made school assignments with it!

June 2010 Goals

  1. It is the month of healthy living. Meals will be planned in advance with maximum whole grains, lean protein and fruits and veggies. The architect & I have been kind of over-indulgent of late, and it’s starting to show.
  2. Buy the party deck supplies & get a good start on the deck.
  3. Register for the professional certification courses that I would like to do (in addition to my regular grad school)
  4. Post corn chronicles every week (stay tuned for this Wednesday’s edition!)
  5. Host a jam making shin-dig (all those interested, let me know your availability – I can’t do the 19th of June – I think someone’s getting married that day – but I’m available 6/12, 6/13, 6/20, 6/27)
  6. Attend at least 10 yoga classes and swim at least 9 times. Bike outside 4 times.
  7. Get foot surgery scheduled.
  8. Learn to make three new things (I know I want to do English muffins and homemade root beer/ginger ale…not sure what thing #3 will be)

Eight goals seems like enough, right?

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