Swim Star!

After all my fair to middling (to frankly terrible) swims I’ve had lately, I just want to take a moment to brag about today’s.

I swam 2500 yards! BOO-YAH! (As I told the Ambitious One earlier when I texted her my swim stats, I don’t know why this needs a boo-yah, but it does.) That is 500 yards further than my furthest swim ever!

AND – I did it in 1 hour, 7 minutes & 43 second. Admittedly, like everything I do sporty-wise, that is not wicked fast.  But that is the same pace that I did my 2000 yd swim in about a month ago, and faster than most of my more recent swims.

AND – it was the first time that I have ever completed a full workout from THE BOOK! (Endurance #3, shorter set.)

AND – because I know you care, I am going to go into details.


  • 300 swim (I did freestyle); 200 kick (500)

Middle section

  • 4×200 (150 freestyle, 50 kick; 0:30 RI)
  • 600 pull (negative split)
  • 16×25 (2-2-2-2 desc [that means that I do two 25s at the same pace, the next two a bit faster, etc., and then the 5th set I start slower again]; 0:15 RI)


  • 200 swim (I did my fake IM [individual medley] – since I don’t know the butterfly, I do a length free, then breast, then back, then free; then I started over)

YAY! I hope I can move my arms tomorrow!

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