Lists (10 things that make me happy today)

I LOVE making lists. Anyone who knows me well, probably knows that. I have to-do lists everyday (for work, school, home stuff). I have shopping lists. Menus. (You should see the monster list that I have made, with spreadsheets and timetables, for this weekend’s festivities.) (I also love spreadsheets.) (And parentheses.)

The weather the last couple of weeks has been a little less than May-like. We had one gorgeous weekend, and then the temperatures dropped and the sun disappeared. My hopes for a beautiful weekend are slowly crumbling away.

So in honor of our rainy gray May, I am making a list.

Things that make me happy, regardless of weather

  1. My awesome husband
  2. My beautiful garden
  3. Having kick-ass neighbors (not just the blogger ones, but quite a few kick-ass neighbors, we are so lucky!)
  4. Living in my neighborhood (see also #3)
  5. My awesome workout buddies – without them, I’d be much fatter
  6. Portland – I love living here, even when we’re not sunny
  7. Food carts (random, I know – but the food cart culture here is fantastic)
  8. My families – the ones I’m related to by blood, the ones I’m related to by marriage (seriously lucked out in the in-law department), and the ones that have come into my life throughout the years (see also #5)
  9. Cats. I really love my cats. 94% of the time, anyways
  10. Yoga – I have been loving the yoga lately, and since I’m not doing as much running/biking as planned, I’m glad I have a great substitute!

4 responses to “Lists (10 things that make me happy today)

  1. Even better than making lists is when you get to cross things off of them! Well, not this list obviously but you know what I mean 🙂

  2. Great list. I officially hate portland now, but hopefully she will redeem herself sometime soon. In laws – thats beyond awesome!!! So important!

    • I am so sorry Sunday sucked! It was a bad day all around. 🙁 You’ll have to come back again sometime. It’s a great town, for real! 🙂

  3. While I like Portland, I can’t say I like it much when it rains for days and days on end.

    Yay for workout buddies!