Training week in review – 5/31/10 – 6/6/10

My training is so all over the place lately. Some days are great! Weekends are not. Part of that is I don’t have as many weekend meet-ups planned, part of it is that if it’s nice (as it was Saturday), I tend to do yardwork & gardening, leaving little time for bike riding, and if it isn’t nice, my running friends & I skip running in a downpour in favor of eggs & biscuits.

So – for the foreseeable future (i.e. until I have something concrete I’m training for again), I am not going to publish  my weeks goals, just do a recap of the previous weeks. Because I know you care. And because if I don’t publishing something, I might not do anything at all.

So – new format explained – and now the recap!

Training Goals: 5/31 – 6/6

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: Swim (1,000 yds) + Yin Yoga (75 min) with Jen.

Wednesday: Triple Day! Morning spin class (60 min) + post-spin brick run (1.1 miles) + evening swim with the Ambitious One! (2,650 yards)

Thursday: Bike to work (9.7 miles) + post-work bike (16.3 miles) –  the Ambitious One & I biked a bit after work, but the weather sucked, so we split up & went our separate ways. It was cold & miserable & wet – but I think the Ambitious One had a worse time of it than I did.

Friday:  Hatha Yoga (75 minutes)

Saturday: Yard work + gardening – no exercise

Sunday: LAZY! – The weather caused the cancellation of my planned morning run (we just skipped running & went right to the brunch).


Run: 1.1 miles
Bike: 60 minutes (spin) + 26 miles
Swim: 3,650 yards
Yoga: 2.5 hours
Total workout time: 6 hours, 11 minutes

My only published goal for this week is to get in a little more time – I’d like to be getting 7+ hours/week of exercise.

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