May 2010 Goals (plus the pathetic April wrap-up)


First, let’s look at the April goals, shall we?

April 2010 Goals

  1. Complete the April challenge that the kick-ass neighbor & I have undertaken. – ummm, I cannot elaborate on this goal any more, but I will say that I was 1/6 successful. So, go me? Or whatever. partial SUCCESS/mostly FAIL
  2. Slowly & carefully re-amp the bike/running mileage (while taking very good care of the foot) in preparation for the Eugene half marathon. – Well, it has been slow. I did do a few things I’m proud of- I finally overcame my fear of spin class & have now been to spin for the last four Wednesdays in a row. I also went out on a long solo bike ride that involved riding over a very big bridge (hee – typed a very big bridget the first 3 times). The running, not so much. As you may have read. I think I shared that in one or two posts. partial SUCCESS.
  3. Come in under 1:00:00 in the Bridge to Brews 10K. – complete FAIL, but, in my defense, I wrote this goal before I knew about Damian. I did complete the race, which is a minor victory in & of itself.
  4. Get in a total of eight yoga and weights sessions (eight combined, not eight each). – FAIL! complete & total. I did 3 yoga sessions, and did not, not even once, make it to the gym for weights. I did spend 2-3 days each weekend doing construction (and deconstruction), so that counts partially, I guess.
  5. Storm the castle! (I have a castle in my backyard, but in April, it’s going down! There will be pictures.) – finally! SUCCESS! This was done. And, as promised, there are pictures.  We are now going strong on the replacement.

May 2010 Goals

  1. You may not know this, but I am almost painfully shy. PAINFULLY. If I am going into a situation where I know no one, it takes a lot of self build-up to convince myself to go. So, I often skip things that would be beneficial, either personally or professionally. This is part of my angst mentioned a few days ago regarding being too chicken shit to help achieve my professional goals. So, May is the month for brave, brave gazelles. I will go to three scary things. Thing #1 – a professionals in my field happy hour (Tuesday evening). Thing #2 – a monthly meeting for a committee that I asked to join [at work] (I have been a member since January, and haven’t yet scraped up the courage to show up for a meeting) (Wednesday). Toast. (Week 3 of May.)  Succinct goal – be brave & show up.
  2. Continue to ramp up the outdoor bike miles. I am determined to do at least one sprint triathlon this summer – I can run 3 miles – just not a lot more than that. My swimming is going…swimmingly…so I just need some more consistency on the bike.
  3. For real – YOGA! At least once a week.
  4. Find the architect a kick-ass 40th birthday present & throw him a kick-ass 40th birthday party.
  5. Car care – the car is loooong overdue for an oil change (I can’t tell you how long, because it is incredibly embarrassing) & it would be awesome if I could fill it up with gas before the light comes on. A carwash & some new windshield wipers would be nice, too.
  6. (Oh yeah, I’m a goal maker this month) – do reasonably well (i.e. don’t come in last) at the Open Water Swim that I’m doing later this month. Get in at least one OWS before, so I remember how to swim in a wetsuit & how to not panic when I can’t see the bottom.
  7. Relax about the damn foot already. There’s nothing I can do to change anything, so I might as well just enjoy what I do have.
  8. End the month with tomatoes and peppers in the ground.
  9. Continue to make progress on the unnamed goal mentioned in April.
  10. Learn InDesign!
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