Training Goals – 5/3/10 – 5/9/10

The recap! This week was extra extra long, so I don’t even remember what I did each day!

Training Goals: 4/26 – 5/2

Monday: Weights + either spin class or boxing class – FAIL!  I rested.

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!) + yoga – SUCCESS! I did a speed workout (6×400 @ 9:40ish avg), 20 minutes on the elliptical, and 60 minutes of yoga.

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run – SUCCESS! I did 1400 yds in the morning, 30 minute spin (with a 10 minute warm) and my post-spin brick. My break was extra short  & slow, perhaps due to the 28 minutes of steep spin hills?

Thursday: Swim – SUCCESS! I almost skipped this swim due to lack of time, but hit the pool anyways & managed to crank out 1000 yds in about 25 minutes before I had to head home (or, more accurately, to a friends for wine & cheese).

Friday: Weights – hmmmm….well – I did construction again, and finished getting the last raised bed in place & about half filled w/ dirt. That is definitely an upper body strength workout. so (lowercase) success?

Saturday: bike – FAIL! More construction instead, plus the drive to Eugene.

Sunday: Rest day. – SUCCESS! I rested – by spectating the Eugene marathon. I saw my kick-ass neighbor do her first marathon, and speedy Ms. Jen finish her 8th. Cilley also became a first time marathoner, and Zach got a speedy new PR on the half marathon course. The architect, the Ambitious One, and the other kick-ass neighbor had a great time spectating – photos to come!

Training Goals: 5/3 – 5/9

Monday: Weights + yoga

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!)

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run

Thursday: Swim + self-defense class w/ Jen

Friday: Run or bike

Saturday: Bike (if I didn’t on Friday) or rest

Sunday: Run – 4 miles.

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