And now for something completely different

I am not going to whine today! Aren’t you relieved? (Although I get a lot more hits when I’m angsty – either the internet is full of Schadenfreude [oooh – spelled it right on the first try] or you’re all angsty, too, and looking for company.)

I was reviewing my April goals earlier because I always do a day or two before the end of the month to see if I need to change them on my blog in case of abject failure to see if I need to fit anything in at the last minute, and realized that this month is pretty much an abject failure. BUT, I am moving on with my life (and you’ll get to see on Saturday how well I really did on April’s goals). Some days/weeks/months just aren’t the best, but what can we do but sack up & move on, right?

Right now, my life isn’t perfect, but whose is, really? I have a stupid foot that is preventing me from realizing my 2010 of running spectacularness, but it doesn’t prevent me from enjoying time spent with my architect, or my friends, or my garden, or my tiny corn children that are starting to appear. And, if I take care of the wonky foot, it will not impede a summer of biking and swimming and doing a couple of triathlons, as well as enjoying my gardening and generally having a great time with my friends in the summer.

Yeah, I am having career anxiety, but I am not the only one – and apparently there is nothing terribly wrong with being 33 and not knowing what I want and/or knowing but not knowing how to get there. How boring would the rest of my life be if I’d achieved everything I ever wanted by age 33? Genetically, I think I have a lot of life left in me (paternal grandparents lived to be 93 & 87[?] and maternal grandparents are still living and in their mid-late 80s; a great uncle is 97 or 98 & still pretty spry), and if I live for another 55-60 years, what will I do if it’s all done now, right?

So – I will take the advice given to me and take small steps. And relax and take life for what it is – an interesting journey full of ups & downs and a lot of small (and a few not-so-small) joys, right? Of course right. I will continue to challenge myself to step outside of my comfort zone. I will probably continue to screw up on occasion, but I will also continue to own up when I do, and try to rectify anything that needs rectifying (or put out any kitchen fires that I might accidentally start).

And, most importantly, as long as I can, I will continue to try to be a happy, positive person (and I will remember that for me positivity is in direct correlation with physical activity) (and possibly parentheses).

So – thanks for listening to my whine & offering encouragement! And feel free to let me know when you need encouragement – I can offer that (or a swift kick in the pants, if you prefer) at any time.

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