Ups & Downs or Self-Indulgent Whining

Pretty much describes my life lately….I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a roller-coaster, because there is nothing good about up OR down on a roller-coaster – only the end of the ride is good there, so it’s an inappropriate metaphor for life.  (Is there an appropriate metaphor where the ups are better than the downs? I can’t think of any.)

There is a lot of juggling and soul-searching going on right now. There is a lot of trying to find balance and trying to be grateful for all the wonderful things/people/opportunities in my life. There is also a lot of impatience. There are things that need to happen, and they really, really need to happen soon. Seriously. I am running out of patience and excuses.

And I just feel that I’m missing something. I am a grown-ass woman, shouldn’t I know what I want from life and be at least 1/3 of the way to having that? Or, alternatively, since I secretly kind of know what I do want out of life, shouldn’t I be able to figure out how to get that? How does one (giant chicken) really get to live the dream? Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Commiseration? Tiny violins?

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