Ups & Downs or Self-Indulgent Whining
Ups & Downs or Self-Indulgent Whining

Ups & Downs or Self-Indulgent Whining

Pretty much describes my life lately….I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a roller-coaster, because there is nothing good about up OR down on a roller-coaster – only the end of the ride is good there, so it’s an inappropriate metaphor for life.  (Is there an appropriate metaphor where the ups are better than the downs? I can’t think of any.)

There is a lot of juggling and soul-searching going on right now. There is a lot of trying to find balance and trying to be grateful for all the wonderful things/people/opportunities in my life. There is also a lot of impatience. There are things that need to happen, and they really, really need to happen soon. Seriously. I am running out of patience and excuses.

And I just feel that I’m missing something. I am a grown-ass woman, shouldn’t I know what I want from life and be at least 1/3 of the way to having that? Or, alternatively, since I secretly kind of know what I do want out of life, shouldn’t I be able to figure out how to get that? How does one (giant chicken) really get to live the dream? Ideas? Thoughts? Suggestions? Commiseration? Tiny violins?


  1. I’ve found that what I want out of life is constantly being tweaked, reviewed, scrapped, and redone. I’m (re-)learning patience all the time. You’ll figure things out. You’re not a chicken. Sometimes it’s hard to get started on the right path…

  2. It’s tough to chase a dream when the dream keeps changing. Just break it down into smaller parts, and make one goal at a time. and talk to independent friends about specifics if you need help breaking it down. we’re always here with a friendly ear.

  3. wow. And here I read your blog with envy, thinking that you have everything altogether and tied up with a nice neat little bow. You’re in good company with all that yearning and discontent.

  4. Kristen

    As everyone else said you are not alone – what I think I want changes almost daily and just when I think I know exactly something happens and everything changes again.

    Write everything down that you want and then write one small step you can take to achieve it. Once you achieve that step write another one, repeat. After a few steps re-evaluate – are you on the right path, is this even what you still want?

    I hope things start to fall into place soon.

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