When moving to Australia isn’t an option

If you are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, and nothing seems to be going right, and you break a computer, and get lost in downtown for 20 minutes, and just generally have trouble with every project you’ve touched, it may be a good day to skip the dinner prep.

BUT, instead, I made the pan-fried trout with onions & bacon.

In my attempt to remove the fish skin for the dredging/frying part, I mutilated the fish (my fillet knife was too dull, and my sharp knife was too fat….I see a knife buying trip in my future). So, we had fish sticks with onions & bacon.

I spilled the cornmeal.

And the beer.

My bacon didn’t crisp.

The drippings were virtually non-existent.

I was too tired to think things through, and therefore didn’t realize that dearth of drippings + sticks vs. fillet would mean that 6 minutes per side would be a bit much. I also didn’t halve the bacon & onion recipe for the 2 fillets instead of the 4 the recipe called for.

I apologized thoroughly to husband & cats for filling the house with smoke, but was pleased that at least I didn’t light anything on fire.

And the fish sticks, covered with a LOT of bacon & onions, served with some delicious mashed sweet potatoes, turned out okay….even if I left the kitchen a smoky mess.

At least I got to finish the beer that didn’t go into the recipe!

BUT – next time I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, I’m ordering take out.

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