Training Goals: 4/26/10 – 5/2/10 (Change of Focus)

The recap….

Training Goals: 4/19 – 4/25

Monday: Swim – half FAIL! I was sore, so I yoga’d instead

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!) – total FAIL! I did homework instead.

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run – 1/3 FAIL! I didn’t swim, but I did spin (30 minute class + 10 minute w/u) and run (1.5 miles – longest brick to date).

Thursday: REST! WOO! – FAIL, actually – I made up one of my missed swims.

Friday: yoga + trail run – FAIL! Homework + gardening/construction instead

Saturday: bike + weights – FAIL! gardening/construction day (5 hours of hard, hard work)

Sunday: Long run…I am going to shoot for 10 miles. We’ll see how that goes. – well, I ran, but I wouldn’t call it a SUCCESS! I did about 2.5 miles. And answered the question about whether or not I’ll be half marathoning next weekend. It was awful. And painful. And slow. I had to stop to walk twice. In 2.5 miles. Which is ridiculous. (Thanks running friends for putting up with me today.)

Next week…

Training Goals: 4/26 – 5/2

Monday: Weights + either spin class or boxing class – depending on how brave I feel

Tuesday: Run (with the Ambitious One!) + yoga

Wednesday: Triple Day! Swim + Spin class + post-spin brick run

Thursday: Swim

Friday: Weights

Saturday: bike

Sunday: Rest day.

So – the new focus….I am not going to be running any long distances until post surgery. I just can’t. I am going to concentrate on getting through my next race – a sprint triathlon, and then re-evaluate. I tentatively have a 10K trail race + a couple more triathlons on the schedule, but considering I already have two DNS races on the books for 2010, I am hesitant to sign up for anything further at this point….races are expensive, and it’s a waste of money when I’m not running them.

I am, however, going to be in Eugene spectating my kick-ass neighbor’s first marathon & Jen’s latest marathon. And I am going to try to be cool with my change in focus. I can still swim. And bike (well, not in my bike shoes – they’re too tight). And yoga. And lift weights. And, most importantly for the summer, I can garden & bbq & hang out. I’m hoping for some good camping trips with a bit of backpacking this summer. I’m going to learn to row. And then next year, I’ll be back.

(However, the next person who tells me a horror story about that person they knew who had minor foot surgery and now has no feet at all, or whatever, will get punched in the face.)

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