March Goals

These are a day late, because I had to post weekly goals yesterday. I am just a goal making FOOL! I tell you!

The recap:

February 2010 Goals

  1. Lose four pounds. I think this is doable! – I think I sent the wrong message to the universe. I think I was reading somewhere that in The Secret, you have to send only positive words to the universe or something like that. The universe does not understand negative words, like lose. Which might explain why I actually GAINED EXACTLY FOUR POUNDS this month. Which sucks. So, if anyone has any ideas on how to tell the universe what I actually meant, let me know. FAIL!
  2. Hit minimum workouts: Six strength training, four swims, four bikes, fourteen runs, two yoga. – I am going to call this an almost SUCCESS! I did five strength training sessions + two yard work sessions; three swims (so close! damn you, pool closure!); two bikes (main fail point); thirteen runs, and umm….zero yogas (I didn’t even use my free birthday Bikram pass! Bad Amy!). BUT – I book 25 workouts in 28 days, so yay?
  3. Get new garden plot dug. – damn, this month is not as success-y as I’d prefer. Umm…FAIL! But, it is staked out, and the boards for the raised beds are purchased. And it’s not like I need to get any tomatoes or peppers in the ground any time soon – there’s time.
  4. Spring clean the crap out of my house. – finally SUCCESS! The architect & I worked really hard, and while we’re not quite done with everything, we got a great start, and cleaned things that have maybe never been cleaned before (such as windows) and got a number of projects out of the way.
  5. Have a super fantastic 33rd birthday. – complete and total SUCCESS! Best birthday ever. I cannot even begin to tell you all how wonderful my week was. There was running with both members of the Ambitious Pi family, swimming with the Ambitious One, bloody marys after a trail run, hiking with the architect, drinks with my kick-ass neighbors, the best damn lemon cake that has ever been made (made from scratch! with lemon cream cheese frosting! the architect ROCKS!), and a drinky get together with almost all of my bestest friends. Honestly – I am happier now than I have ever been in my life, and this week really emphasized how lucky I am to be where I am right now.

Ahem – now that the mushy stuff is over – what about March?

March 2010 Goals

  1. Change the balance of liquid intake (i.e. more water, less beer).
  2. Have a 200 mile month (100 miles bike; 100 miles run)
  3. Clean out the closet of shame. (I will have pictures. I promise.)
  4. PR my Shamrock 15K (honestly, this should be doable)
  5. Better time management re: work and homework. I hate being a last minute person!
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