Training Goals – 3/1/10 – 3/7/10

As always, the recap comes first. I had an ambitious week planned (perhaps channeling my training partner!), and I think I did pretty damn good. There was really only one major fail, and while it was MAJOR, I have had 24 hours to come up with excuses & rationalizations, and thus, feel much better now.

Goals – 2/22 – 2/28

Monday: swim + hike – half SUCCESS! I did not swim, because the pool was closed. I feel okay about this.

Tuesday: weights + speed work w/ the Ambitious OneSUCCESS! I both lifted weights AND did my first track workout since last August. WOO!

Wednesday: Forest Park birthday run + bloody marys (w/ Mr. Pi) – SUCCESS! I did a 7 mile trail run AND had bloody marys (that was the hard part, for REAL!)

Thursday: weights + swim – SUCCESS! I lifted weights & did 1200 yards in the pool.

Friday: tempo run – I did Saturday’s bike workout on Friday, so I count this as a SUCCESS!

Saturday: weights + bike – I did Friday’s tempo run on Saturday, AND I shoveled compost for almost 2 hours, which is an effective upper body strength workout, so this is also SUCCESS!

Sunday: long run – 14 miles. – MAJOR FAIL! I am not entirely sure what happened here. My theories: 1) Before yesterday morning, I had completed 17 workouts in 17 days (some days were doubles). Perhaps my body just isn’t there yet; 2) On my birthday week, I was terrible at water intake, and think I’m probably a little on the dehydrated side; and/or 3) I am probably dying of an unknown wasting disease. I’m leaning towards a combo of options 1 & 2, but didn’t want to leave out option 3, just in case. 🙂

Goal: 4 runs, 3 weights, 2 swim, 1 bike = 1 fantastic birthday vacation week!
Actual: 3 runs, 3 weights + composting, 1 swim, 1 bike = 1 super fantastic birthday vacation week!

Goals – 3/1 – 3/7

Monday: swim

Tuesday: 5 miler with the Ambitious One and Running Stories.

Wednesday: swim + track workout

Thursday: AM weights; PM being brave & going to a networking event

Friday: trail run

Saturday: weights + bike

Sunday: long run – 14-15 miles.

Goal: 4 runs, 2 weights, 2 swim, 1 bike

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