Training Goals: 3/8/10 – 3/14/10

The recap:

Goals – 3/1 – 3/7

Monday: swim – SUCCESS!  I did 1,000 yards in the pool after work, even though I desperately wanted to skip it & just go home.

Tuesday: 5 miler with the Ambitious One and Running Stories. – SUCCESS! Five speedy miles (51:06 for a 10:13 average, and I didn’t even feel worn out at that pace).

Wednesday: swim + track workout – FAIL! Work was heinous on Wednesday, and I didn’t have time to do anything. Also, I was so tired Wednesday morning that I skipped the swim in favor of another 1.5 hours of sleep.

Thursday: AM weights; PM being brave & going to a networking event – SUCCESS! I got up & headed to the gym at 5:40 AM, then went to work, worked my ass off for many, many hours, then went to the event ALL BY MYSELF with bravery! I got home that night about 8:30 PM. That was a loooooooooong day.

Friday: trail run – SUCCESS! I did 9.5 miles on the trails, and ended up with exactly a 12 minute mile average – my fastest trail run this year!

Saturday: weights + bike – hmmmm….FAIL? I went to yoga instead, so I did get a 90 minute session in, but didn’t get the plan done. Yoga felt so good, though, that I’m not sure if it’s really a fail. SUCCAIL!

Sunday: long run – 14-15 miles. – SUCCESS! This was a fantastic 14 miler in Forest Park. I had the fastest long run average I’ve had this year (and quite possibly ever, but I’ll have to look at the 15 miler I did with Junk Miles last year – that was pretty speedy, too).

The splits (because I’m ridiculously proud) of the run I did with my faster kick-ass neighbor.

(Note: miles 1-6 are a net uphill)

Mile 1: 10:57
Mile 2: 10:54
Mile 3: 10:26
Mile 4: 11:13
Mile 5: 10:42
Mile 6: 10:54
Mile 7: 10:20 (downhill to the turnaround)
Mile 8: 11:21
Mile 9: 10:23
Mile 10: 10:02 (we are getting ready to be done)
Mile 11: 10:24
Mile 12: 10:18
Mile 13: 10:47
Mile 14: 9:09 (woo!)

Miles 1-7:  1:15:26, average pace of 10:46
Miles 8-9: 1:12:31, average pace of 10:27

Overall: 14 miles in 2:27:57, average pace of 10:34.

Gotta love the negative split (that comes with 7 miles of downhill!) Go us!  WOO!

Goals – 3/8 – 3/14

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Terwilliger run with the Ambitious One – last one before Sunday’s Shamrock!

Wednesday: swim + run

Thursday: AM weights + yoga

Friday: AM run (I have to work on Friday! the horror! Only a 2-day weekend!)

Saturday: yoga + bike

Sunday: Shamrock run. I am going for a 15K PR. My last time was 1:38:06, a 10:31 pace. I think I can beat that. BUT, if my feet don’t stop being stupid & covered with blisters, I don’t know if I’ll make. Seriously – right now I could win an ugliest foot contest. Blood blisters + regular blisters + grossness! Today I am buying new socks and am switching to my new shoes tomorrow.

Goal: 4 runs, 1 weight,1 swim, 1 bike + 2 yoga

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