I think I need an amputation…
I think I need an amputation…

I think I need an amputation…

Seriously, y’all (and you know it’s seriously when I break out the “y’alls”).

The normal blisters have all been popped and are healing.

The blood blisters are still gross, and mildly painful – something worse than this but not as bad as this (scroll down if you’re brave).

BUT – something I really didn’t notice until yesterday? There is something wrong with my right foot, right along the outside edge towards the base of the pinkie toe. It is red & swollen, like it got pinched in a door (it didn’t). Yesterday, I wore my running shoes to work, and even they were too tight and had to be removed. Last night I wore flip-flops out to dinner! In public! And those that know me know that’s almost as likely as going out for dinner in ratty sweats. It is just not done (by me).

So – when the Ambitious One let me know she wouldn’t be making our run last night, I was so relieved. I gave my foot one more day to recover – especially since I have a race this weekend (a race that I WILL PR).

I swam this morning (1200 yds in 32:40, which is 3.5 minutes faster than my fastest 1200 so far!), and am again wearing running shoes. It doesn’t seem quite so bad today. I am running tonight after work.

I bought four new pairs of socks on Monday, and am giving them all a go this week. I bought these:

But my toes are so stupid, that I think I can’t run in these. I have the stubbiest toes on the planet, and can’t properly fill out the toe spaces in these socks (first time in forever I haven’t been able to properly fill something out…..I’m a whiz at forms! ha! you went somewhere else with that, didn’t you?), and think that I would end up with more blisters because of that issue.

I also bought a pair of Smart Wool micro thin running socks (my current faves), some Wright socks (I’ve heard such good things) and Teko socks.

I think I also need to see if maybe my feet have changed and that my go-to shoe is no longer right for me. Perhaps I just need a sedan-chair and some strong, oiled chair bearers.


  1. Eliza

    Your comment about wearing flip flops out cracks me up. I met up with some folks after the gym in ratty sweats Monday night. My boyfriend was APPALLED even though we were in the grimiest bar around… I have no shame.

    Am I making this up or did you once post something about making your own, green household cleaners? I’ve taken a very laissez faire approach to household cleaning b/c my boyfriend will do it all, but lately the chemical have been really irritating to me. I think I just need to make up some natural stuff and leave him that to use. Any advice would be awesome!

    1. I did post on it, a bit.

      I use a LOT of baking soda & vinegar to clean stuff. I do make my own laundry detergent, and I made some magic carpet cleaner that magically removes pet stains from carpet. (it’s magic!)

      However, the architect washes our wood floors with Murphy’s Oil (and then I get hives & swell up) and I do use some Meyer’s products when I’m lazy – but I don’t think they work any better than my baking soda & vinegar methods. You know what does work better than baking soda & vinegar? Harsh chemical cleaners. 🙁 BUT – my house is still pretty clean, even with my 1930’s cleaners.

  2. Weird. I really hope one of the types of socks work for you. I’ve tried the tow things and they did not work AT ALL. I’m so excited for you this weekend!! It’s one thing to have a race, but another when you know your gonnna PR – you just don’t know by how much. Waht a buzz. I have the same feeling right now (5k).

    Thanks for your words of encouragement on my post. Im still feeling a little anxious about the whole biking situation, but I keep reminding myslef it’s still 6 monts away and to stay focus on my current goals.

  3. Alisa

    You’re gonna PR we know it.

    As for the blisters, my advice is to try new shoes. Once I got rid of my AWFUL, HORRIBLE, Worst.Shoes.Ever. Mizuno’s everything in the blister world has been mostly pain free. When I would get bad ones, I was a fan of duct tape (especially for inbetween the toes) and ice baths (just for the feet). cutting the swelling helped the blisters heal faster, or at least I think they did.

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