The agony of defeet
The agony of defeet

The agony of defeet

The foot problem is not getting better. I ended up cutting my 5 miler short last night (although I still made myself finish four miles, because I am all about being miserable).

My right foot was hurting, and then I started getting stabby pains up & down my right shin, and THEN my right quad started cramping up (not in a “I ran fast on Sunday & my quads are a bit sore way” more like a “ARGGHHHH!!!! cramp in the middle of the night wakes you up & causes you to do bodily harm to your sleeping partner(s)” kind of way).

I turned around about 1.75 miles into the run (or, about .75 miles short of the planned turnaround), walked a bit, and ran back to the car (and then around in a big circle to get that last 1/2 mile). My leg isn’t sore today, but my foot is still really, really sore. I haven’t worn heels all week, and today I am wearing some orthopedic looking flats, and my foot still feels too big for the shoe.

I have two problems (okay, three problems) with this.

1. I have a hilly 15K this weekend that I must PR. I didn’t run the race last year due to an unfortunate combination of vomit & monsoon.

2. I have a marathon in 7.5 weeks, and last time I checked, feet are super important for completing marathons (I don’t think I can get the foot amputated, get a prosthetic fitted, get my photo taken for the cover of Runner’s World, and learn how to run on my faux-foot in 7.5 weeks).

3. I hate clunky flat shoes, and my feet look ridiculous. That is not a real problem, I know.

So, people – thoughts? Suggestions? New shoes? Go ahead w/ the amputation? Should I run tomorrow, or just not run until Sunday’s race? Should I resign myself to a life of no more running & just start eating cookies for the inevitable fattening?


  1. Eliza

    Nothing particularly helpful, but here are some more cute flats! Nothing thrilling, but not orthopedic, either. I ordered them in bronze and my addiction to UPS tracking shows they should be delivered today. I anxiously await!

  2. Mmmmmm…cookies! I wouldn’t run until Sunday. You aren’t going to gain any fitness for Sunday’s race and Eugene is still far enough away that missing a few runs won’t hurt you. Better to give your poor foot some rest. By the way, I love the phrase “unfortunate combination of vomit and monsoon”.

  3. Alisa

    New running shoes, flats, ice/IBP and rest—not necessarily in that order. I think you should probably NOT run until Sunday, they won’t ever heal if you keep re-injuring them.

  4. If you’re seeing shin pain as well, it could be your arches flattening out a bit. My chiropractor adjusts my arches back into perfect form. might be worth asking about. I hope it feels better soon!

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