January 2010 Goals!

I know this is crazy, coming on the heels of my 2010 goals, but I am going to continue to make smaller, monthly goals as well.

But first – to recap December

December Goals

  1. Slowly build up the exercise until I’m back in the pre-marathon saddle. – I started to get hear, but was derailed by the cough that wouldn’t die. I am feeling better about my fitness capacity though. Bring on the marathon training!
  2. Run 76.25 miles (that will give me a 2009 total of 800, which is double my 2008 total) – hmmm….I decided that my health & the ability to run in January was more important than making this goal. I still finished the month over 350 miles more than last year.
  3. Get all holiday cards & gifts out by 12/13 – More or less! Everything was packaged by then, and was mailed out that week.
  4. Finish both papers for my current course early (no procrastinating!) – They were both done in a timely manner! Go me!
  5. During my school break, declutter the kitchen/pantry (if you want some kitchen/pantry stuff, watch facebook for the ‘free shit’ announcements) – hmmm…..not as much as I’d hoped. I spent my school break actually relaxing, which was nice. Plus, I didn’t want to get carried away and not have anything to declutter for my 2010 year-long goal. 🙂

January 2010 Goals

  1. Eat clean & healthy 85% of the time. Foods should be real foods. Sugar, caffeine & alcohol should be limited. This is the chance to drop a few pounds before marathon training gets started.
  2. Wash face every night. (I know this is super lame, but I’ve gotten really lax with my face washing, and it’s starting to show. I just need to get back in the habit, and if I write it down, I’ll have to.)
  3. Practice appropriate stress management. (Appropriate =- baths, yoga, meditation CDs. Inappropriate = drinking a bottle of wine every night, holding up gas stations, kicking kittens.)
  4. Swim at least four times (once a week).
  5. Finalize marathon tattoo design & get the tattoo scheduled.

Happy 2010!

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