Ten Goals for 2010

I don’t really want to call them New Year’s Resolutions, because I think that has such a negative connotations. These are goals that I have for the year. Many of them are gifts to myself – the gift of knowledge or health. I’ll let you know at the end of the year how they went, and if I achieve any of the goals early, I’ll let you know that, too!

  1. Run 1,000 miles (or at the very least, more miles than 2009)
  2. Go the entire year w/o triggering my automatic overdraft protection (I’ve been pretty good about this lately, so I KNOW I can do it if I’m careful).
  3. Read 52 (non-school, new) books. (I hit my 52 for 2009 over the weekend, and although I know that I’ll be in school ALL of 2010, instead of just half like 2009, I think I can do it. I read a LOT on the bus.)
  4. Throw out/donate/recycle at least one item per week. (This is crucial. I hate clutter & other crap, and I am starting to accumulate. I have a closet that frankly frightens me – I’ll have to post a picture.)
  5. Complete at least two triathlons. (I have one for sure on the schedule, and then a couple others that are maybes. I’m pretty excited for this goal, though!)
  6. Half marathon PR. (Ideally, I will be coming in at close to two hours in one of my later-in-the-year half marathons, but anything under 2:14 would be a PR and would be AWESOME!)
  7. A’s in all core classes. (I think I can do this if I work really hard. Only about every other class is a CORE class, and ideally I’ll get A’s in ALL my classes, but I’m trying not to get too crazy with the goals.)
  8. Be able to do 3 pull-ups in a row by December 31, 2010. (For real. Right now, I can do approximately zero. Even with the assisted pull-up thingie at the gym, I can only lift about 1/3 of my body weight. LAME!)
  9. End the year ten pounds lighter than I started it. (This shouldn’t be too hard, really. Ten pounds in one year? What with the running, biking, swimming & weights, I feel like if I’m careful with the food intake, I’ll be able to drop that amount.)
  10. Do at least six volunteer activities. (This can be anything from volunteering at a race, to planting trees with the Friends of Trees to whatever else comes up.)

Do you make annual goals? Do you write them down, or just keep them all secret? Do you want to share any?

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