December 2009 Goals

I feel like it’s been a relatively successful month. Although to be honest, I haven’t checked in with my goals since oh – about November 2 – and right this minute, as I hit Ctrl+V, I will be seeing them for the first time in almost a month. *fingers crossed* (Okay, I just looked back at my December 2008 goals, and I said the EXACT SAME THING. Apparently November is not a good month for goal reflection.)

November Goals

  1. Get back at the exercise. – I would call this a minor success. I definitely had more November hours than October miles, but am still not hitting the running distance that I’d like. I just feel like every mile kicks my ass.
  2. Continue the decluttering – minor success again – the architect & I did a lot of decluttering & getting rid of crap that isn’t necessary; although there is still so much to do.
  3. And speaking of Thanksgiving – have a wonderful meal with some of my closest friends, truly be thankful that this is all possible, and enjoy the time spent with them. There will be nothing to stress about. – Complete & total success. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although it was a lot of work, I stayed relatively stress free & was able to enjoy my day with some of the best friends a girl could have.
  4. Make time for the architect. – minor success. Things are crazy, and the crazy monster went & found himself a eleventy-hundred hour a week contract gig for most of the month. We’ve been going for walks & holding hands & gazing deep into each others’ eyes a lot though.
  5. Get the garden ready for winter. – complete & total success. Everything is planted & winterized & beautiful.
  6. Make time for the Amy. Just because external forces are crazy, doesn’t mean I have to be crazy. I will: 1) have fun, 2) say no when I need to, 3) not make promises I know I can’t keep, and 4) make sure that, in this upcoming season of crazy, I stay sane. – mostly success. I’ve been staying pretty mellow & feeling really good about me & life in general.

December Goals

  1. Slowly build up the exercise until I’m back in the pre-marathon saddle.
  2. Run 76.25 miles (that will give me a 2009 total of 800, which is double my 2008 total)
  3. Get all holiday cards & gifts out by 12/13
  4. Finish both papers for my current course early (no procrastinating!)
  5. During my school break, declutter the kitchen/pantry (if you want some kitchen/pantry stuff, watch facebook for the ‘free shit’ announcements)

Y’all – the last few months have been hard. I got so stressed out pre-marathon that I started having anxiety attacks & heart palpitations. To the point where I willingly, and without coercion, went to both a trained counselor AND a trained medical doctor. I ended up with the following:

  1. A thirty-day cardiac event monitor. (I am 93% sure that this is an attempt by my physician to drain my bank account, because my share of this, after insurance, is almost $700 – which is enough to trigger a cardiac event. I think that might be irony.)
  2. Eleventy hundred vials of blood drawn. (Test results in today – all is normal; my thyroid, white blood count, red blood count, kidney function, liver function & blood sugar are all good.)
  3. A head shrinker. I had two appointments, and for the first time in my whole life (and I have seen head shrinkers off & on for about 10 years), I had a ‘break-through’ in therapy. Y’all – haven’t had an anxiety attack since. Although to be honest, I probably should’ve delayed the break through until after I’d gotten a Xanax prescription, but you can’t have everything.

Those revelations are just to say – I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful support system and I want to thank each & every one of you for putting up with me and supporting me and understanding. I am blessed to be so healthy & even though I want more from my body (like these abs), life is pretty damn good. You are all wonderful and inspiring (and many of you have much nicer abs than I do). Also, I would like to apologize for this descent into seriousness.

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