December 2009 Goals

I feel like it’s been a relatively successful month. Although to be honest, I haven’t checked in with my goals since oh – about November 2 – and right this minute, as I hit Ctrl+V, I will be seeing them for the first time in almost a month. *fingers crossed* (Okay, I just looked back at my December 2008 goals, and I said the EXACT SAME THING. Apparently November is not a good month for goal reflection.)

November Goals

  1. Get back at the exercise. – I would call this a minor success. I definitely had more November hours than October miles, but am still not hitting the running distance that I’d like. I just feel like every mile kicks my ass.
  2. Continue the decluttering – minor success again – the architect & I did a lot of decluttering & getting rid of crap that isn’t necessary; although there is still so much to do.
  3. And speaking of Thanksgiving – have a wonderful meal with some of my closest friends, truly be thankful that this is all possible, and enjoy the time spent with them. There will be nothing to stress about. – Complete & total success. I had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Although it was a lot of work, I stayed relatively stress free & was able to enjoy my day with some of the best friends a girl could have.
  4. Make time for the architect. – minor success. Things are crazy, and the crazy monster went & found himself a eleventy-hundred hour a week contract gig for most of the month. We’ve been going for walks & holding hands & gazing deep into each others’ eyes a lot though.
  5. Get the garden ready for winter. – complete & total success. Everything is planted & winterized & beautiful.
  6. Make time for the Amy. Just because external forces are crazy, doesn’t mean I have to be crazy. I will: 1) have fun, 2) say no when I need to, 3) not make promises I know I can’t keep, and 4) make sure that, in this upcoming season of crazy, I stay sane. – mostly success. I’ve been staying pretty mellow & feeling really good about me & life in general.

December Goals

  1. Slowly build up the exercise until I’m back in the pre-marathon saddle.
  2. Run 76.25 miles (that will give me a 2009 total of 800, which is double my 2008 total)
  3. Get all holiday cards & gifts out by 12/13
  4. Finish both papers for my current course early (no procrastinating!)
  5. During my school break, declutter the kitchen/pantry (if you want some kitchen/pantry stuff, watch facebook for the ‘free shit’ announcements)

Y’all – the last few months have been hard. I got so stressed out pre-marathon that I started having anxiety attacks & heart palpitations. To the point where I willingly, and without coercion, went to both a trained counselor AND a trained medical doctor. I ended up with the following:

  1. A thirty-day cardiac event monitor. (I am 93% sure that this is an attempt by my physician to drain my bank account, because my share of this, after insurance, is almost $700 – which is enough to trigger a cardiac event. I think that might be irony.)
  2. Eleventy hundred vials of blood drawn. (Test results in today – all is normal; my thyroid, white blood count, red blood count, kidney function, liver function & blood sugar are all good.)
  3. A head shrinker. I had two appointments, and for the first time in my whole life (and I have seen head shrinkers off & on for about 10 years), I had a ‘break-through’ in therapy. Y’all – haven’t had an anxiety attack since. Although to be honest, I probably should’ve delayed the break through until after I’d gotten a Xanax prescription, but you can’t have everything.

Those revelations are just to say – I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful support system and I want to thank each & every one of you for putting up with me and supporting me and understanding. I am blessed to be so healthy & even though I want more from my body (like these abs), life is pretty damn good. You are all wonderful and inspiring (and many of you have much nicer abs than I do). Also, I would like to apologize for this descent into seriousness.

7 responses to “December 2009 Goals

  1. Big_Girl_Pants

    What a great post! One of the things that I have been thankful this year is reading your blog. I have laughed and learned and more than once thought, “Hmmmm, I thought I was the only who felt like that.” All of which is awesome! Thanks for sharing and good luck with the December goals!

  2. you did great with november and I sure hope things are starting to calm down!! I now swear by some of the books I started to read about the law of attraction, they so helped me to slow down mental and destress

    • It’s amazing how a little stress can snowball if it’s not immediately diffused. I just reached my limit in September (stressful grad school, stressful work time + first marathon) and couldn’t let go. My current class is even more stressful, but because I’m aware of the stress potential (and because work & marathoning AREN’T stressful right now) I’m handling much better.

      I think the books I read on meditation & mindfulness helped, too!

  3. You can totally hit 800 miles for the year!

    You’ll get back to pre-marathon saddle in no time. Kristen did super fast.

    Anytime you wanna run on Tuesday I’m there.

  4. looks like december will be a fun month! you’ve got so many positive things to look forward to and to look back on, amy. I’m glad the anxiety is gone.

  5. Good luck with the December goals. Glad the anxiety has improved!