Training Goals – 11/30/09 – 12/6/09

Not only is it the last day of November, today is also my 30th day in a row of blogging! Once again, I completed NaBloPoMo! Go me!

And now – the recap:

Goals: 11/23 – 11/29

Monday: Mild cardio – 45 minutes or so – FAIL! I rested instead.

Tuesday: Post-work hill run with the Ambitious One! WOO! – SUCCESS! And it was good!

Wednesday: weights (45 minutes) + bike – FAIL! Too much stuff (school, sports massage & meal prep)

Thursday: Turkey Trot! 10K (slowwwwww 10K) – Half success. I trotted only 5K.

Friday: weights (45 minutes) + home yoga – SUCCESS (mostly); I did the weights & ran 2 miles

Saturday: Spin class at 10 AM. – FAIL (kind of). Instead I took advantage of the beautimous weather (and my soreness from the previous day & did 2 hours of gardening. I planted 75 tulips, which meant I did 75 squats, so that counts for something, right?)

Sunday: Run – 5-6 miles. – FAIL (kind of). I again took advantage of the beautiful weather to finish up my gardening for fall – planted 6 rows of onions & garlic, spread mulch, tilled the garden (without a tiller, because I am poor hardcore) and weeded. Two more hours of yardwork counts for something!

Wow – this is a week of fail. Although I still got 6.5 hours of exercise, because I totally count yardwork as exercise.

So – on to this week.

Monday: Bike to work (so far so good); and if I have any energy upon returning home, run. I would really like to get 5.25 miles in tonight to round out my November mileage (which is pretty pathetic).

Tuesday: Bike to work & post-work weights.

Wednesday: Post-work run.

Thursday: I am again committing to my 5:30 spin class that I haven’t yet made it to even once.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Easy run

Sunday: I’m hoping for a nice easy walk; nothing major.

I would also like to try to fit in another day of weights at some point. We’ll see how that goes.  Again, just trying for about 7 hours of exercise this week.

2 responses to “Training Goals – 11/30/09 – 12/6/09

  1. i didn’t know there was more gardening to be done! i never have an onion when i need one- i should plant some too.
    aww dang, i should have done nablopomo or whatever to reignite my blogging fire. good for you for posting everyday!

  2. Want to try to get some Portland peeps together for an easy Saturday run? I’m talking eeeeaaaasssssy — five miles at my slow-ass 12-minute mile pace. Someplace extremely flat.