You’d think it was some kind of holiday weekend or something

where is everyone? Are you all comatose from the turkey? I hope all my Portland peeps have been enjoying our fantastic weather (I know I’ve spent more time in the garden in the last two days than in the previous two months combined) and have NOT been drinking the water. Unless you’re me – I think our water is fine.

I am a little sad that it’s Sunday evening. I kind of like not having to go to work. There has been so much relaxing and doing school work and working out that I don’t want to go back to having that ‘job-thing’ even if it does conveniently pay me in cashy money.

Today I picked up our Christmas tree – it’s so pretty and the cats are entranced – and that’s even without ornaments.

I also got my over-winter garlic & onions planted (I may have gotten a bit carried away, I planted 80 garlic plants) and yesterday I planted another 75 tulips (I love tulips – along with lilacs, they are my favorite flowers). The winter mulch is down in the front & hopefully it will do its duty & suppress all the weeds. The main garden is mostly covered with leaves which should decompose nicely over the next few months. I got a couple of houseplants repotted – and they are already looking MUCH happier. All in all – a productive weekend.

But now – it’s schoolwork time again!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are not (unlike me) still eating cookies for breakfast every day.

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