Brew Review #11 – The Mash Tun Brewpub

A couple of weeks ago (November 13, to be exact) the architect & I, as well as a few brew review loyalists, descended on The Mash Tun Brewpub on NE Alberta for Brew Review #11.

The architect & I were the first to arrive (we almost always are, due to the fact that neither of us work on Fridays & I like to get there early to secure seating).

We ordered a sampler tray (of course) and when I pulled my camera out to photograph the three beers that came in the sampler, I realized that the inconceivable (I do not think that means what you think it means) had happened. My camera battery was DEAD! We both tried to take photos with our cell cameras, but it was too dark, and they did not turn out at all.

So – no pictures of the sampler.

BUT – I do have comments (I took notes like a fancy person).

1. Cream of WheatArchitect: It was different & tasted like a summer beer; Gazelle: .It was both creamy & wheaty. Not bad for a wheat. I would actually consider ordering one if it were not November; Lisa: Should’ve come with a slice of orange; The Ambitious One: yummy.

2. ESB – Gazelle: not offensive; Architect: wishy-washy, nothing really there; Mr. Pi: Really sweet, good.

3. StoutGazelle: I like it, but it’s really rich; Andrew: solid effort, drinkable but not unique.

Their fourth beer, which not only was not on the sampler menu, but also not offered at a happy hour special AND not served in pint glasses (all three of which sucked, I thought – other places have their higher ABV beers on sampler trays or on special) was the Black & Gold IPA. (FYI – the ABV was 8.2%) Architect: yummy. Gazelle: yum. And with that glowing review, you can tell that we liked that one!

I ordered a pint glass of the IPA (even though it wasn’t on special and cost $4 for a GLASS) & the architect got the Cream of Wheat. At that point, our friends began arriving.

They ordered beers, we all ordered food.

The food – it was good. The architect & I had nachos (delicious, but the happy hour special was not quite enough for two hungry monkeys). The architect ordered chicken strips & fries (I think) and I had the happy hour cheeseburger & fries. The fries were delicious! With perfection! And great seasoning. There were many fry fans created that night.

Also in my notes, I have recorded the following

1. Sarah is the awesomest (possibly because she had a camera that was used to capture the images below)

2. When asked for her reaction to the beers (Sarah had a Ninkasi Sleigh’r; as did I; and as always, it was delicious – I’ve never had a bad Ninkasi beer & can’t wait for a traveling brew review to Ninkasi in Eugene), Sarah said: I just wish I’d drank more.

3. The only person who did not have any beer reactions was Michael, and since he had Hamm’s, he may be banned for life from brew reviews (just kidding! you can come back! I am not a TOTAL beer snob).

And now for the pictures (courtesy of Sarah!):

And – for the announcement you’ve all been waiting for!

Brew Review #12 is scheduled for December 11 at Max’s Fanno Creek Brew Pub.

12562 SW Main St
Tigard, Oregon 97223
Hoppy Hour: 3 – 6

As per usual, I will plan to arrive at about 4:30. It would be helpful if you’d let me know whether to expect you, so I can make sure to secure enough seating.

Also – fair warning. That is the last day of my current (ass-kicking) class, so I will be relieved. Muchly.

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