July Goals/June Recap

June Goals

  1. Start getting my weight training in minimum 1x/week. (fitness) – complete success. I did weights 1x/week, got in lots of push-ups & ab work as well as continuing with my yoga practice. I feel really good about this one.
  2. Stick to budget for one entire month (finance) – This includes actually putting that money in savings. – Again, complete success. And, it turns out that when I stick to my budget plan, I end up having money left over to spend on fun things. It’s so weird.
  3. Track calories in/out for one entire month (weight/health) – also 3A) Only weigh once a week. – With the exception of a couple of days, I tracked the calories in & out all month. And lost 3.2 lbs. Which isn’t a ton in 4 weeks, but it’s better than no lbs lost, right? I was not successful with 3A – I’m still hopping on the scale waaaaay too often. Lately, it’s been out of joy, though. 🙂
  4. Work on the Friday/personal days (personal) – Well, now that I’m back in school, this has been happening with the schoolwork, so success?
  5. DO NOT FREAK OUT ABOUT HAVING A PARTY (personal) – mostly fail. I semi-freaked, and didn’t eat any food (what if we ran out?), but did not worry about running out of alcohol. That was unfortunate.

July Goals

  1. Run a good, strong half marathon on 7/4, get in all of my long runs for my first month of serious marathon training, and continue to get my tri-training & cross-training in (fitness/running)
  2. Continue to track calories with a weight loss goal for July of five pounds down from where I am now (health)
  3. Stay on top of schoolwork (school)
  4. Get all retirement accounts to live in the same place (finance)
  5. Go camping at least once (personal/relationship)
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