Amy of the Corn (part 1,986)
Amy of the Corn (part 1,986)

Amy of the Corn (part 1,986)

Are you guys sick of my corn updates yet?

Ha! Too bad. We have more corn updates (and general garden goodness).

The exponential corn growth is starting to slow down a bit I think.

The good news? I no longer have to wear clothes for these pictures & can now fulfill my dream of naked gardening! ha ha.

Carrie Corn is still the tallest, measuring in at 62″ yesterday (a 7″ growth from last week), and the exact same height as me (according to my driver’s license, anyways).

James Corn is about 29″ tall – 5″ taller than last week. He looks so healthy, but just not as strong as his brothers & sisters. There is a pretty good selection of tall corns, though, so I think I’ll end up with a decent crop.

In fact, there are some exciting things happening in corn world!  (I know these pictures are going to embarrass them, but that’s too bad. It’s one of the joys of parenting.)

That is a wee corn tassel starting to poke up out of Carrie Corn! She’s hit puberty and is now changing in ways that made me wish I had a film to show her.

Also, another picture of Carrie Corn:

It may be hard to see, but I promise you that there is the very, very beginning of a tiny ear of corn there. My baby’s growing up! *sniff*

Other corns are starting to tassel as well, but Carrie is the only one with a baby corn ear place. 🙂

And for the rest of the garden:

conjoined pumpkin twins
conjoined pumpkin twins
a few of the nearly 3 dozen visible tomatoes
a few of the nearly 3 dozen visible tomatoes
baby jalapeño
baby jalapeño
Baby cayenne peppers
Baby cayenne peppers

And, just in case you wonder why I bother with all this gardening stuff:

The green beans, the broccoli, the potatoes, the parsley & the onions on the burger all came from my garden. The architect makes all our bread usually, but this is a leftover bun from our party. Soon, the peppers & tomatoes will also be from the garden. And I really have made cheese in the past, and am definitely going to give it another go again soon. However, I don’t think I will be slaughtering my own bison any time soon, so the meat will have to continue to come from the market!

This was a delicious meal – one of the all-time best (although not sure if it beats last summer’s best lunch ever – photo at the bottom of the page).


  1. when you make cheese can you please invite that obnoxious neighbor of yours? also I am so jealous of your peppers! wait, scratch that. I am jealous of your entire garden! you should be on tv and have confetti thrown at you.

    1. I think we will have to throw confetti at each other – we both need a parade!

      you have peppers & tomatoes! and your cilantro & cucumbers are looking WAAAAY better than mine.

  2. Your garnden is flourishing! Mine is not doing as well as last year :(. We roated out beds around to allocate more space, but I’m afraid we’ll have to go back to what we had last year because of sun exposure issues. That’s ok though. I realized quickly I can’t keep up with 15 heads of lettuce!!

  3. oh that’s good looking gardening! did you soda your corn? everyone tells me i have to put down some kind of sodium something known ’round these parts as “corn soda” once the first few plants start to show tassels. i’ve got to find some of that stuff this weekend.

  4. You should totally steal the track workouts. They are great. I train with a group for those. Such a huge difference in my ability to pull through the last couple intervals when I think I don’t have anything left in me. (Until recently I was alwyas the slowest runner and I secretly love not holding that title anymore;-))

    Kick and free are really all you need. I know what you mean though, I want to learn to butterfly so badly. Truth be told, I’ve never had swimming lessons so It’s entirely possible that my back and breast strokes are totally wrong. I’m all about you tube swimming vids 😉

  5. Jen

    Beautiful garden! You’re amazing.

    Good luck in the Half Marathon tomorrow!! It’s gonna be a scorcher so adjust your goals as necessary and drink tons of water. And have fun!!! I’ll be thinking about you.

  6. HAHAHAH! The little baby ear on Carrie Corn made my mind think of this little known fact about her namesake: I was born with an extra ear!!! Not connected or as big as the real ears, just extra cartilage. They removed it when I was six months old. I don’t think my mom ate it, though.

    Great garden. I’m most envious…but oh so proud of my little Carrie Corn.

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