Foot Traffic Half – mini report

It was hot.

I ran consistently.

Cool & Full of hope: Sarah, Amy & Julie

Cool & Full of hope: Sarah, Amy & Julie

I PR’d (by 2:25! woo!)

The splits are pretty awesome.  I feel fantastically consistent. 🙂

Miles 1&2 (missed mile 1): 20:49

Mile 3: 10:03

Mile 4: 10:19

Mile 5: 10:14

I was feeling pretty good during the race. I was passing a lot of people, but since my splits were pretty consistent, I tried not to worry that for once I was passing more people than were passing me. I took my 1st Gu at mile 5.

Mile 6: 10:17

Mile 7: 10:13

Mile 8: 10:17

Mile 9: 10:10

Mile 10: 10:17

I passed JM at about mile 7.5 – she was really struggling, but even though she mentioned considering a DNF, but I knew she’d finish!

I took my 2nd Gu at mile 10, and knew at that point that I was going to PR. I started passing more people. I did see a puker at mile 8 or 9, but I was still feeling really great.

Mile 11: 10:19

Mile 12: 10:08

Mile 13: 10:07

Mile 13.1 (1:05/8:27 pace)

Sprinting for the Finish

Sprinting for the Finish

Final time: 2:14:22!  Average 10:15 pace. I am so pleased & happy!

I didn’t see the architect when I crossed the finish line, but found him pretty soon. I got some water & some strawberry shortcake. The shortcake was good, but too much too soon. Then we waited for JM – and it wasn’t too much longer before she crossed the finish line.

Sweaty at the end.....

Sweaty at the end.....

After walking around for a while, we headed back to my place for quick showers and then brunch at Gravy. It was a long wait, but once the bloody marys & breakfast came, things were better.

I did have a lot of leg cramps post-run, but that seems to have finally gotten better. I was wiped out though – I took a nap this afternoon (which is totally not me at all), and have been staying close to the bathroom for the last few hours (TMI!).

I am thinking it might be almost time for more food & beer!

Happy Independence Day American peeps!

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