Weekly Training Goals (7/6 – 7/12)

But, first – last week’s results:

June 29 – July 5, 2009

Monday: strength training (45 minutes), elliptical (15 minutes); more or less – I did 50 minute of strength, including abs & push-ups & 10 minutes of elliptical, but got in the hour I was anticipating.

Tuesday: six mile easy run – ummmm….no. Slacker! I got lost (again) on my way to the trail, and have decided that I can no longer plan trail runs for nights after I work, because it’s just impractical to get there in a reasonable timeframe. Now that I have school work as well, I need to get in my workout immediately after work so I can come home & study/do homework.

Wednesday: braving the gym post-work again for a swim & bike brick – ummm….hmmm….I ran. 4 miles. And it was 11 million degrees. no swim/bike

Thursday: three mile easy run – finally, full success! I ran another 4 miles (since I’d only run 4 instead of 6 earlier in the week). I did an am run, and it was so much better than the night before’s!

Friday: rest day, I think – wait! I did this! wooo!

Saturday: Foot Traffic Half Marathon! – again, success. Which I may have mentioned Saturday 🙂

Sunday: swim/bike – I’m not sure what I was thinking with this plan. My quads are so trashed that by last evening I could barely walk. The architect has an old friend visiting, so we took her on a walking tour of downtown managing to stop at two bars AND Cupcake Jones where we ran into her (she was not getting cupcakes), and the walk was good, if slow. We probably walked about 3 miles total, which was probably just what I needed.

July 6 – July 12, 2009

Monday: post-work swim, upper body strength (+abs & push-ups)

Tuesday: easy 3 mile run

Wednesday: 90 minute bike ride

Thursday: easy 3 mile run (am); yoga (pm)

Friday: easy 6 mile trail run; swim

Saturday: 9 mile long run

Sunday: swim/bike brick

This is a weird schedule week, so I’m going to try to hit all my workouts & still be flexible. Now that I’m less than a month away from my triathlon, I’m going to concentrate more on hitting the swims & bikes instead of all the runs (although long runs still important). I am only working Monday & Thursday this week. Tuesday noonish, I leave for a quick overnight trip to Seattle for a concert, so I’m going to do my run in the morning, and then my Wednesday bike mid-afternoon when I get back. Sunday I’m volunteering at a trail race, so I’m going to hit the gym for a swim on my way home (I’ll be at the race from 7ish to noonish, I think) and then bike when I get home.

I also need to keep up the strength training, and am glad that my next 10 week yoga session is starting up again.

I am also going to try to stretch for 10 minutes before I go to bed every night – that’s really not too much to ask, right?

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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