Workout Reflections

For some reason, I have a blank mind today. I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the work load (both job & school). I have now decided that I loved last week’s schedule of only working two days, and can’t wait for the architect to get re-employed and make eleventy bajillion dollars so I stay home & live the dream of not working very much, and instead having my workouts be my part-time job. Between that & grad school, I would stay busy enough, I think!

I was looking at my workout stats today, since today is the last day of June, and the last day of the first half of the year, and the last day of the fiscal year (although probably not for everyone).

Not including this afternoon’s run (I’m finishing up Wildwood after work! woo!), I have already exercised for 32.25 hours this week, and will likely get in about 60-75 more minutes tonight. That equals nearly 33.5 hours of exercising in just one month (not including any yard work that happened). That is six hours more than I exercised in May, and an average of just over an hour/day. I feel pretty good about that. I think that, despite my whining about my lackadaisical June workout schedule yesterday, that maybe it wasn’t so much a lazy month, just a lower mileage month due to all the other stuff I added in that I wasn’t doing before (swimming, biking, lifting weights).

So – in conclusion, go me! Also, send money so I can continue to work out a lot without having to worry about where my next pair of running shoes are coming from.

Now, if only my doughy midsection would pay attention to my workout schedule, and get all flat & smooth & hot looking.  That would be super awesome. I would like to rock a bikini (where no one will see me, of course) this summer.  Also, my tri-suit is a little on the tight side (for wily boob-wrangling purposes), and I don’t think I need to carry a spare tire for the sprint-distance bike. So, still working on project abs. Project hot legs=success. Project firm arms=coming along nicely. Project nice ass=initial approval from interested parties.

I also realized today that I have run more miles in 2009 (414 after tonight) than I did in all of 2008 (400), which is kind of cool. I mean, I’m not 6 miles away from 1,000 miles (like some crazy women), but I am going to get pretty close (trying not to be jinx it by being too positive) to my goal of 1,000 for the year. I will have to average 98 miles/month for the rest of the year, which might be a wee bit difficult Oct-Dec, but I’m hoping my July-Sept mileage makes up for it. If I meet all of my planned miles for the next six months, I will be at about 1070 for the year…and that would be fantastic.

But, going forward, I will be running distances I’ve never attempted before, and have already beat my previous record, so it’s all a success from now on! Nothing but mileage records from here on out!

I hope everyone else is feeling as positive! What’s your best accomplishment for the first half of 2009?

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