TAGGED! And PT Plans
TAGGED! And PT Plans

TAGGED! And PT Plans

First, the fun. Skinny Runner tagged me to post the 4th photo in my photo folder. That didn’t work out so well – My photo folder has 5 folders, each of which have additional folders, that occasionally have even more folders.

So – because I am a giant dork, I opened my photo folder & then chose the first sub-folder (2006) and then the second folder (July) and then the 3rd folder (July 5) and then the 4th photo (told you I was dorky).

AWWWWWWW – that’s me & one of my bestest friends Brad just a few weeks before I left SoCal for Portland.  We had to get as many last minute happy hours in as possible – which is good, because we’ve only hung out ONCE since I moved (I would like to note that the hanging out came when I flew down there – he’s never visited me).  Can you believe how much heavier I was then? CRAZY (I’m pretty sure it was the abundence of good Mexican food – which we had at least once a week; now we have Mexican maybe once every couple of months).

And now for the PT plans.

It’s hard whittling down the exercises, and I try to get all fancy, with different exercises each night, and then I JUST DON”T do it.

So – I will commit to doing these exercises every night while watching my beloved Discovery Channel (call me Mike!).

1. wall squats with ball & handweights – 3 sets of 15 each

2. one-legged squats – as many as I can do in a row without dying on each side (we’re aiming for 3 minutes of one-legged squats on each leg)

3. Four-way hips  – 2 sets of 20 each, on each leg (I tie one end of stretchy band to something immovable, loop other end around ankle; then standing far enough away from table for resistance, I do 20 leg lift things, rotate 90 degrees, repeat, until I’ve stretched the leg in all 4 directions, then switch legs, then repeat, so each leg does 8 stretches; it’s easier to see a diagram, but I don’t have one)

4. Jumping squats (3 sets of 15 each, making sure to pay attention to knee tracking; there should be no wobble)

5. Forward/Backward lunges (2 sets of 15 each)

6. Hopscotch (basically hopscotch in place, alternating single jumping leg; 3 sets, 30 seconds each)

7. Clock reach (holding 5 lb weights; 5 sets of 1 minute each on each leg)

Afterwards, ICE! Ice on knee, and ice massage shins (both shins).

Tuesday, Friday & Sundays – FOAM ROLLER (those are run days).

Sundays, if I get brave, ICE BATH. I know it will help. My PT says it will help. People who are crazy enough to do it say it helps. But DAMN! After a run, I usually want a hot shower (lately, anyway, not in the summer).

I am also going to start the push-up challenge again, which I’m pretty sure I can do during commercial breaks.


  1. Alisa

    I too, am needing to do my knee exercises…I’m a little sore today. I would also like to try the ice bath thing. But I agree, it does sound a bit crazy! Aron swears by them though.

    As for tomorrow, somehow I have a feeling it’s going to be a long night for me at work so I’m going to get my run in the morning when they can’t take my hours away from me. Next week though, let’s do track or hills after work. I’ll block my schedule tomorrow for next Tuesday so I don’t get any meetings scheduled.

  2. seems like a fun pic (and a nice way to cheat on the photo listing), i know you must have had a lot of fun in southern cal.

    the pt exercises look like torture, too. what fun! i’m planning out my tri power workouts now, should also be torture.

  3. good for you for still doing all your PT exercises – I am being religious, too. ALso, I’m stalking my gym manager, trying to buy a used black foam roll off him b/c it’s sleeker looking that our white one. Obsessed, much?

    1. I’m TRYING to be good!

      My foam roller is blue (I actually paid a little more so I wouldn’t have to have the white ones that get dirty-looking so quickly). You are not obsessed – in MY opinion!

  4. Whoa mama. Sounds like my routine. I also add some PT-approved abs in there as well. Liz taught me this really good pilates style ab move where you bring your knees into your chest, and curl into a ball while lifting your trunk and shoulders off of the floor, then with your palms against your knees, you gently push. Hold that for like as long as possible while contracting your abs and breathing deeply in and out. It’s WAY harder than it sounds.

    That pic is very cute. Mmm…Mexican food.

    I’ve been doing girlie pushups for a few weeks, and I’m always amazed by how much easier they get every week. I can actually do 5 sets of 20 in a row now, and I couldn’t even do 5 in a row (once) when I started. How embarrassing. lol.

  5. one thing i havent tried yet are those ice massages and i keep forgetting! i am going to have to try them 🙂 all those workouts sound really great… i have been trying to get my lower body workouts in too for this marathon. i think it REALLY helps.

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