TAGGED! And PT Plans

First, the fun. Skinny Runner tagged me to post the 4th photo in my photo folder. That didn’t work out so well – My photo folder has 5 folders, each of which have additional folders, that occasionally have even more folders.

So – because I am a giant dork, I opened my photo folder & then chose the first sub-folder (2006) and then the second folder (July) and then the 3rd folder (July 5) and then the 4th photo (told you I was dorky).

AWWWWWWW – that’s me & one of my bestest friends Brad just a few weeks before I left SoCal for Portland.  We had to get as many last minute happy hours in as possible – which is good, because we’ve only hung out ONCE since I moved (I would like to note that the hanging out came when I flew down there – he’s never visited me).  Can you believe how much heavier I was then? CRAZY (I’m pretty sure it was the abundence of good Mexican food – which we had at least once a week; now we have Mexican maybe once every couple of months).

And now for the PT plans.

It’s hard whittling down the exercises, and I try to get all fancy, with different exercises each night, and then I JUST DON”T do it.

So – I will commit to doing these exercises every night while watching my beloved Discovery Channel (call me Mike!).

1. wall squats with ball & handweights – 3 sets of 15 each

2. one-legged squats – as many as I can do in a row without dying on each side (we’re aiming for 3 minutes of one-legged squats on each leg)

3. Four-way hips  – 2 sets of 20 each, on each leg (I tie one end of stretchy band to something immovable, loop other end around ankle; then standing far enough away from table for resistance, I do 20 leg lift things, rotate 90 degrees, repeat, until I’ve stretched the leg in all 4 directions, then switch legs, then repeat, so each leg does 8 stretches; it’s easier to see a diagram, but I don’t have one)

4. Jumping squats (3 sets of 15 each, making sure to pay attention to knee tracking; there should be no wobble)

5. Forward/Backward lunges (2 sets of 15 each)

6. Hopscotch (basically hopscotch in place, alternating single jumping leg; 3 sets, 30 seconds each)

7. Clock reach (holding 5 lb weights; 5 sets of 1 minute each on each leg)

Afterwards, ICE! Ice on knee, and ice massage shins (both shins).

Tuesday, Friday & Sundays – FOAM ROLLER (those are run days).

Sundays, if I get brave, ICE BATH. I know it will help. My PT says it will help. People who are crazy enough to do it say it helps. But DAMN! After a run, I usually want a hot shower (lately, anyway, not in the summer).

I am also going to start the push-up challenge again, which I’m pretty sure I can do during commercial breaks.

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