Waiter, I’ll have one of everything
Waiter, I’ll have one of everything

Waiter, I’ll have one of everything

This evening, I feel like I have the capacity of a Mr. Creosote. But, I know from experience, that I don’t – so I’ll try to be moderate.

I am a starvin’ Marvin’ though.

The day started innocently enough. I got up for coffee (the architect made it this morning) and oatmeal. Then I checked my email to see where we were running today. NOTHING! Then, I got all brilliant & checked my phone. Due to weather, we were canceled. BOO!

So, I did what any dedicated runner would do in that situation. I sat on my ass & read blogs all morning.

At about one, I had some left-over mashed potatoes, and when I felt that they were suitably digested, I went out for my run.

I switched up my first two miles- instead of a long, gradual down-hill followed by a short, intense up-hill, I did a fast downhill & a long uphill. It was fun to be backwards! Then I just ran along the river until I ran out of running road & into busy traffic road, then I turned around.

I didn’t bring any Gu or anything (I’m out right now), and I could really feel my energy lagging at mile 7. Also my knee was KILLING me. So I stopped. And walked. And called the architect to come fetch me. (Un)fortunately, he wasn’t home – so I had to keep walking. After about .3 miles, I felt MUCH better, and decided it would take too long to walk the additional 1.5 miles back home, so I ran it.

I hit the lap button when I stopped & started running – so I went 9.3 miles total (in 1:45:29), but when you take out my whiny break, I did 9 miles in 1:39:21 – which is an 11:02 minute/mile average.

My heart rate was ridiculously high today – averaging 175 & topping out above 215 in miles 2-5.

My mile splits ranged between 10:30 (Mile 4 – and the mile I ran on dirt, jumping over blackberry shoots) & 11:49 (the long, slow uphill mile).

I’m looking forward to my hill run on Tuesday. Since it will still be getting dark early, I’ll probably try to stick to lighted paths instead of hitting the trails, but in a couple of weeks, I won’t be limited by daylight after work!Β  WOO!

Also, this has reinforced that I really need to doΒ  my PT exercises every night. I need to foam roll every other night. I need to ice every night. And I need to contemplate putting on my big girl panties & taking ice baths after long runs. I also need to stretch at least 15 minutes before & after my run. No exceptions. I need to not skimp on cross-training, just because it’s not as much fun as running. I don’t want to take another 4 months off of all exercise because I’m a dumb-ass!

So – tomorrow I will post my PT routine (I haven’t been doing anything because I’m overwhelmed by the 30 or so exercises my PT gave me, which is too many to do every night). I’ve been telling myself that I would figure it out & start doing it, but maybe if I tell the internets, I’ll actually follow through!

And now – it must be almost time for dinner, right?


  1. You done good girlie!!!

    I wish we could run together!!! We would have fun and good convo and good mileage and stuff!!!!

    I am hoping to get the ok to run a bit perhaps next week. I am going for a toe xray this week so keep fingers crossed for me please!!!!

  2. Alisa

    Sorry chica! I’m glad though that I waited til the nice day decided to show it’s face. I actually got hot and at the end was running in a tank!

    Great job on your run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m certainly slower when I don’t have friends to keep me accountable. My legs were naturally running at 10:30/10:45ish but my lungs couldn’t quite keep up. I need to work on building back the endurance! 9 miles for me in 1 hour 44 minutes 30 secondsish. Prob post tomorrow on my lovely day off…just found out 30 seconds ago that I have it off! WOOO-HOOOO!!!

    1. It was a beautiful afternoon – no complaints! I started out in just my capris & a T-shirt, and although I was a bit chilly at the beginning it was nice to not have extra layers.

      It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, wanna hill run? I have a 3-mile loop in mind!

    1. I think that ideally I’m supposed to do 5 or so of the exercises every night, but there were too many! And I’m easily overwhelmed (especially when it’s something I don’t want to do – if someone offered me 30 pieces of pie & told me to eat 5 of them every night, I’d be fat, but I’d do it).

      Ice baths I’m not yet sold on (unless they come with pie).

    1. It was such a beautiful day yesterday, that it wasn’t TOO hard. It’s when plans don’t go smoothly & the weather is crap that I have trouble!

      I am taking your word on the ice bath & have vowed to give it a try next weekend. Swimming suit & sweatshirt, hot beverage, distraction, and someone else to pour the ice in my cold bath for me…all lessons I learned from you!

  3. m*j*c

    Great job getting out there! I feel ya on avoiding the PT exercises and stretching, I am dreading the amount that I will have to do once I get back at it!

    1. I know that the knee could be my achilles heel (or something, right?) if I’m not careful. I missed the Portland marathon last year due to injury, I’m not going to miss another one because I’m too stupid to learn from my mistakes!

      I’m feeling good about my times – I was a wee bit faster this time last year, but i’m definitely starting to regain some of my endurance.

      Sorry again about your non-marathon this weekend. I hope you’re feeling better.

  4. I have been keeping with the “homework” for my dumb knee, and as much of a total P.I.T.A it is, it does help. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna take an ice bath though. As great as I’m sure it’d feel after, well…no.

    My appetite has been out of control for like 2 weeks now, so I’m feeling your pain. I don’t know if it’s my increased mileage, or what…but I’m constantly hungry it seems. I might be the only human being alive who can gain weight while training for a race. lol.

    1. I’ve really been logging an increase in miles, and although I’m not doing long, long runs, there’s definitely more.

      And I think actually it’s rather common to gain during training πŸ™‚

      I’ll let you know how the ice baths go!

    1. I had a knee injury last April, and then, kept running on it until it did a bad thing (still not sure what) resulting in a pulled hamstring in July. I had X-rays, MRIs, and 1 months of no exercise at all, and 2 months of light elliptical (which is actually only 3 – I lied up there, apparently) before getting the green light to run again. It was AWFUL! Because I am a whiner with first-world problems πŸ™‚

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