What is this “2-day weekend” of which you speak?

So, I have to go to work tomorrow. It’s the first Monday I’ve worked in a VERY long time. Since, I only worked 1 day last week, and have Thursday AND Friday off this week, it doesn’t seem right to whine, but, I have to go to work tomorrow.

I’d forgotten how much Sundays can suck when you’re already mentally preparing for work the next day. I don’t feel that way on Mondays – but am anticipating having a crapola of a Monday tomorrow! ‘Cause I’m a positive thinker that way.

I am planning on getting up & driving to the gym before work for the next three days. It’s weird, but I have actually missed going to the gym & meeting the Ambitious One before work. That really makes my day! My plan for this week is:

Today: Run 7.5 miles (check! and up to the longest run post knee-hab yet!)
Monday: 30 minutes stationary bike/30 minutes upper body weights (and, if I have time, some abs)
Tuesday: 4 mile run on treadmill at gym.
Wednesday: repeat Monday – 30 minutes bike/30 minutes upper body
Thursday: New Year’s Day 4-5 mile run (as I feel inspired)
Friday: 3-4 mile run (whatever it takes to get me to my first 20 mile week in MONTHS)
Saturday: A repeat of yesterday’s 90 minutes Vinyasa yoga/90 minutes elliptical

And then, next Sunday, the Portland running group will re-convene for the first time in about a month!

And, since I mentioned the running thing – I did go run 7.5 miles today. Which is almost 1.5 miles further than my last run with Ms. A & Mr. Pi (who did not so much run with us, as bound ahead of us – he is speedy)….and I feel good. I had a little – I can’t even call it tenderness – twinge in my knee occasionally after mile 3. I took a GU at mile 5, and carried water (which I only do for more than 6 miles). The streets & sidewalks were clear of snow. (What they weren’t clear of was poo. Just a note for all dog owners – if you are walking your dog in the snow, and it poops, you should pick it up. Although the snow will melt, the poop will not. And then, you have poop-covered sidewalks. Which is gross. ) But, all poop aside, it was a fantastic run. I felt good when I got home, although my hamstrings were tight & I really need to work on my hip flexors – they get tight too quickly.

I am so looking forward to the day, perhaps in a couple of weeks, that I do a 10 mile run. I have not run that distance since May 13, 2008. And I am definitely looking forward to it!

I hope you all had a good Sunday & have a passably-decent Monday.

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