I lied to you

Internets – I have a confession. I did not go to the gym this morning. I meant to. I went to bed early last night. I set my alarm. I woke up when it went off. I thought about going to the gym this morning.

But I didn’t.

My hamstrings were sore last night – not sure why. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the 90 minutes each of elliptical & yoga on Saturday followed by a 7.5 mile run.)  I slept poorly – couldn’t fall asleep. Couldn’t stay asleep. I was restless. Noticeably restless, I’m guessing – once when I woke up, the architect was sleeping on the floor next to the bed. I decided that I could really use an extra 1.5 hours of sleep this morning instead of a workout.

Of course, I’ll definitely hop on the elliptical when I get home & crank out 45 minutes or so.  I might be lazy but there’s still HBBC points to rack up!

In other pieces of exciting news:

  1. I have graduated from knee-hab! Today was my very last day. I kinda wanted to hug my PT – she’s pretty awesome & we got along great – but I didn’t. We shook hands instead. I’m not much of a hugger anyway.
  2. I lost 2.8 lbs in the last week! Woo! That not only makes up for the 1.6 I gained last week, but adds a little something extra (1.2 lbs extra). Perhaps the past three days of a) cookie abstention; b) LOTS of water (80 oz or more each day since Friday); and c) my ramping up of the working out is paying off! Since I started publicly posting my weight at the end of November, I have lost 4.8 lbs! Only 13-19 more to go! (I haven’t quite decided yet – it depends on how I feel once I get to goal #1.) If I can continue my trend of losing approximately 5 lbs a month, I should be in the next weight decade by my birthday (what a great birthday gift to me) and smokin’ by the end of April! I am not planning on increasing my mileage lots until March or so, when I get SUPER SERIOUS about my marathon training. Right now, I’m just trying to build up a good base of 20-25 miles/week with 3 runs each week (my PT says I will never be a ‘run every day’, or even ‘run 2 days in a row’ on a regular basis – at least not if I want to be healthy).


In weird, not good news, I think it’s snowing. My work is at a higher elevation than much of Portland (as was my last job), so it snows here more than downtown. Of course it’s also sunny. I think the weather is confused. 

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