I lied to you
I lied to you

I lied to you

Internets – I have a confession. I did not go to the gym this morning. I meant to. I went to bed early last night. I set my alarm. I woke up when it went off. I thought about going to the gym this morning.

But I didn’t.

My hamstrings were sore last night – not sure why. (I’m sure it had nothing to do with the 90 minutes each of elliptical & yoga on Saturday followed by a 7.5 mile run.)  I slept poorly – couldn’t fall asleep. Couldn’t stay asleep. I was restless. Noticeably restless, I’m guessing – once when I woke up, the architect was sleeping on the floor next to the bed. I decided that I could really use an extra 1.5 hours of sleep this morning instead of a workout.

Of course, I’ll definitely hop on the elliptical when I get home & crank out 45 minutes or so.  I might be lazy but there’s still HBBC points to rack up!

In other pieces of exciting news:

  1. I have graduated from knee-hab! Today was my very last day. I kinda wanted to hug my PT – she’s pretty awesome & we got along great – but I didn’t. We shook hands instead. I’m not much of a hugger anyway.
  2. I lost 2.8 lbs in the last week! Woo! That not only makes up for the 1.6 I gained last week, but adds a little something extra (1.2 lbs extra). Perhaps the past three days of a) cookie abstention; b) LOTS of water (80 oz or more each day since Friday); and c) my ramping up of the working out is paying off! Since I started publicly posting my weight at the end of November, I have lost 4.8 lbs! Only 13-19 more to go! (I haven’t quite decided yet – it depends on how I feel once I get to goal #1.) If I can continue my trend of losing approximately 5 lbs a month, I should be in the next weight decade by my birthday (what a great birthday gift to me) and smokin’ by the end of April! I am not planning on increasing my mileage lots until March or so, when I get SUPER SERIOUS about my marathon training. Right now, I’m just trying to build up a good base of 20-25 miles/week with 3 runs each week (my PT says I will never be a ‘run every day’, or even ‘run 2 days in a row’ on a regular basis – at least not if I want to be healthy).


In weird, not good news, I think it’s snowing. My work is at a higher elevation than much of Portland (as was my last job), so it snows here more than downtown. Of course it’s also sunny. I think the weather is confused. 


  1. The weather is stuck in a rut – it happens to the best of us. We try to change. . . but. . . you know! I didn’t get up this morning either. I couldn’t sleep last night at all! Super restless. Weird that it wasn’t just you – or me. I did go to Pilates though on campus and I’m supposed to run with a friend tonight. We’ll see what the weather does.

  2. My goodness, my problem last night was i knocked myself out with 3 benadryls and i literally was a dead weight. My running friend called me at 6am and my cell was literally right near my ear and i did not hear it ringing!!! That is NOT GOOD!!!

    Don’t fret about going back to sleep!!! Sleep is good!!! Then you can exercise more because you will have more energy!!!

    Have a good night!!!

    1. I know I won’t win HBBC (there are people in training for marathons!) but my goal is to rack up 100 pts during the challenge. Thanks so much for creating this challenge – it’s definitely kept me motivated.

  3. Were you in PT for your knee? I also am not able to run two days in a row and I have to be careful about how quickly I increase mileage when I’m training for something. Pretty frustrating when you’re married to the Bionic Man who would run 30 miles a day, every day.

    1. I was in PT for my knee – for 4 months! I will probably check back in sometime in February & again after my marathon to make sure I’m keeping on track, but I really need to stick to a routine of stretching & strengthening & remembering that slow & steady might not WIN the race, but they will at least FINISH the race without needing surgery. 🙂

  4. Congrats on the loss! You’re doing great – it’s better to lose slowly and keep it off. I really want to drop 5-10 lbs. I’ve gained 15 since last year at this time (but I was a little underweight so I was OK with a few of those lbs) but I can see this is becoming a not-so-good pattern!

    I need to work out like you do!

  5. yea! congrats on the loss, that’s really cool with that much running. it’s really hard to lose weight while running over 15 miles a week. you have to eat enough to fuel the muscles to keep on running. I’ve lost several inches but almost no lbs over the marathon training plan.

    and i know you are glad to be done with knee-hab. i bet you are so glad you stuck with it until the end. way to go!

  6. So lemme get this straight – 90 minutes EACH of yoga and eliptical PLUS a SEVEN AND A HALF mile run?!?!?!

    Girl, go ahead and rest that pretty head. Get some R&R!

    Congrats on the impressive losses m’dear! Hope to join you with some lower numbers soon!

  7. Alisa

    Wow, way to go Gazelles, losing weight in holiday season! That is no easy feat, in fact, I think I have gained more than you’ve lost!

    After Arizona, in my time off from running, I’m really going to concentrate on weight loss (a post is to come) and try to shed 10 or 15 lbs to help with the knees and fitting into my pants =).

    Congrats on finishing PT! I know who to go to for knee help if I need it. Mr. Roller has been a big help over the break. He hurts but feels oh so good later.

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