Workin’ It

I am at work today – the first time in over a week.  About 20 minutes after I got here, the phone rang. It was my boss, wanting to know why I was at work. She’d emailed me Wednesday to ask me to NOT come in today, and instead come in on Monday. I didn’t get that email (because I was on vacation and not checking email, dammit). So here I am. I was the only person here when I arrived this morning – every door on my very long hallway was closed. It was kinda eerie.

BUT, I am getting a lot done, which is nice. In a couple of hours, I will take off & hit the gym (for the first time in about 2 weeks) and do some running. And maybe some weights. And abs. My back has finally recovered from my Christmas Eve shoveling festival.

Next week, I will work Monday-Wednesday & then have an awesome 5-day weekend. Woo!

A question for a google searchers that arrived here – the one searching for “very soft porn.” What is that? Mormons holding hands? Getting to 2nd base? Suede boots? I’m curious.

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