Happy Cajun Christmas!

Today was a nice day. The architect & I slept late, then got up & had coffee & opened gifties. He got me a flashlight for running, and I, who had intended to do some shopping last weekend, got him a copy of Goonies at the supermarket yesterday. I selected Goonies because, well, the selection sucked. BUT also because we spent our honeymoon in Astoria where Goonies was filmed.

Anyhoo – after coffee & presents, Cajun Christmas began – with homemade biegnets.

We had those with mimosas. Delicious! (And, if anyone wants to come over for a brunch sometimes, I have more biegnet dough in the freezer, so we can have a delicious brunch.)

After taking a breakfast break, it was back to the salt mines. I got started by putting the turkey in the oven and then starting work on the pie.

I made the pie crust from scratch (of course).

Then, it got crazy dark. I knew I hadn’t cooked into the night, yet, so I looked out the window. You’ll never guess what I saw. Go ahead. Guess.

If you guessed snow, you’d be correct!

Our pretty holly tree has been the refuge for a large flock of robins (like 3 dozen, maybe) during this snow storm – much to the delight of the cats.

After yelling a bit (which didn’t seem to help), I finished the pie.

The pecans redistributed themselves during the baking – and those dark spots are not burned spots, just the darker pecan layer. I haven’t sampled yet, but will definitely update you with a PFR.

Once the pie was in the oven, I made the cranberries & cornbread.

I chopped the veggies (onions, garlic, peppers) and shredded the cheese.

I took the turkey out of the oven to cool.

Then, I browned the (turkey) bacon, and started the black-eyed peas. They were FANTASTIC! (Recipe tomorrow on the You Are What You Eat page.)

Once the black-eyed peas were merrily cooking (they looked merry), I started the roux for the turkey etouffee.  The architect made some rice.

Finally, just before two, I removed the slightly chilled wine from the fridge & decanted it and set the table.

I don’t know if cranberry sauce is Cajun or not, but I really like cranberry sauce, had some cranberries, and DIDN’T get any for Thanksgiving, so I decided they needed to be included.

Doesn’t that look delicious? It was all pretty damn good, but the best, by general consensus, was the black-eyed peas. Yum!

After dinner, I went to relax (I’d been standing for aboout 4 hours), and then, like magic, the sun came out. The house was filled with light – the first time in about 2 weeks that we didn’t need lights on to read!

Then, I took a nap.

Next? Pie.

Tomorrow? I should be able to get to work.

Now if only we had New Year’s Eve plans……

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