Monday blahs
Monday blahs

Monday blahs

There is too much sugar in my house. I made cookies yesterday. And I’m finishing up today. And they are good. My one biggest weakness is chocolate chip cookies. I made about 4 dozen of those yesterday. Most of them are going to go out to good homes, but there are a few who will not survive long enough to be adopted. Those are already in my tummy.

HOWEVER, I did lose 2 lbs this week – must be the cookies & martinis, right? Although, to be honest, I think it may be the giant decrease in the amount of carbs. Not sure.

Well, back to the grind! I have about 3 more hours in which to accomplish stuff, so I should probably get moving so I can get dinner prepped & the rest of the cookies baked before needing to go to yoga.  And by needing to go, I mean I go because I like it, just wish it wasn’t a) so far away and b) so close to my PT place, which means on Mondays I drive to the other side of town twice….ah, well – only 3 more weeks of PT and 5 more yogas (that’s all I pre-paid, and once they’re gone, I’ll have to figure out a different way to get my yoga fix.


  1. Alisa

    We can do Kenny G yoga! Mr. Pi and I rented a few yoga DVDs from Netflix and have made copies (shhhhh illegal)…one guy looks like Kenny G and the beginning looks like a bad 80’s music video BUT his workouts are hard! I’ve never actually done one but they look hard.

    1. I have a few DVDs, too – and actually have 2 more on the way that are full 90 minutes workouts. Often what I hate about yoga DVDs is that they’re 20 minute workouts and then, I have to either start over, or put in a new one….I’m hoping the 90 minute ones are good.

  2. I too have enjoyed the netflix yoga video’s via watch on demand. Also, we get Fit TV (oh ye of little cable) and TiVo Namaste Yoga. I will happily burn a disc or two of these if you will provide a shipping address. 30 minutes in the living room is about all the yoga time i can get. but I lurve it still.

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    1. they actually turned out to be the best chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. I had a good cookie weekend. Of course, I think I sampled too liberally, but I only do this once a year, so I guess it’ll all work out in the end.

  4. Ha ha – the cookies sound better than my binge drinking! I am going running though – as soon as I finish getting motivated by all my hard working blog friends! And I’m on board with DVD yoga. You can mix it up when you get bored!

  5. Jen

    Mmmmm cookies!

    Great job on the 6 miler! Don’t worry about your pace (which is actually quite strong, btw) and just get the miles in. You’ll gain your speed back soon enough.

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