Monday blahs

There is too much sugar in my house. I made cookies yesterday. And I’m finishing up today. And they are good. My one biggest weakness is chocolate chip cookies. I made about 4 dozen of those yesterday. Most of them are going to go out to good homes, but there are a few who will not survive long enough to be adopted. Those are already in my tummy.

HOWEVER, I did lose 2 lbs this week – must be the cookies & martinis, right? Although, to be honest, I think it may be the giant decrease in the amount of carbs. Not sure.

Well, back to the grind! I have about 3 more hours in which to accomplish stuff, so I should probably get moving so I can get dinner prepped & the rest of the cookies baked before needing to go to yoga.  And by needing to go, I mean I go because I like it, just wish it wasn’t a) so far away and b) so close to my PT place, which means on Mondays I drive to the other side of town twice….ah, well – only 3 more weeks of PT and 5 more yogas (that’s all I pre-paid, and once they’re gone, I’ll have to figure out a different way to get my yoga fix.

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