Not bad, for a Tuesday
Not bad, for a Tuesday

Not bad, for a Tuesday

I got up & made it to the gym at 6:30. I did a 3-mile hill workout in 34 minutes, which made me feel pretty damn good. Then I did about 30 minutes of lower body strength training. I added something new today – the squat cage thingie. It is supposed to help work on knee stability & quad strength, two things that are vital to me continuing to be an injury-free runner.

Got to work and was greeted with an email – “please meet at 10:45 to discuss the economic downturn.” After some surprising news yesterday, I felt more than a little trepidation leading up to the meeting. BUT – all is fine. I think that I, at least, will be in good shape for the next few months (hopefully long enough for the architect to become re-employed). 

I have a lot of stuff to do today, and a lot of away-from-my-desk stuff this afternoon, so must get back at it.

BUT – before I go, I just want to wish my dad a very happy birthday. I hope you are having a great day.


  1. Great job with your workout this morning! Glad to hear that your meeting went well, I would have been sweating bullets being called into that! Hope you have a great day (and that your Dad has a great B-day!)!!

  2. The squat cage thingie is called a Smith Machine, and is actually one of the worst things you could try doing squats on. it’s ok to help with the form on a bench press (especially incline or decline bench) but no good for squats. use the empty bar (no weight on it, 45lbs), and only go down about a foot until your stability returns. then you can get your thighs parallel with the ground or start adding weight. but really, 6 inches to a foot of movement is all you need to squat. and the smith machine will really screw up the natural motion and ruin your stabilizing tendons. there’s an article about it in men’s health this month.

    sorry, that just really brought out the meathead muscle bound bodybuilder in me. it kills me to see bad form.

    good workout this morning! i’m still trying to get in my run today (~6 pm eastern)

    1. meathead. 😛

      I am on strict orders from my PT to use the Smith Machine (glad I know its name now). My bar is weighted to zero, so it would be silly to do it with NO weight. As is, I do it with 40 lbs added. I’m not sure why I feel the sudden urge to defend my strength-training activities, but I do!

      If I wait until the end of the day, I have so much trouble motivating. In the morning, the only barrier to motivation is the warm bed. Once I’m out of bed, then I’m ready to workout!

  3. Alisa

    I need to work back to more strength training! Good job getting yours in.

    I’m glad to hear that your job is secure. I suppose after yesterday’s discussion with my team mine is too, for now at least.

    Ugh, I swear this is the most volatile place I’ve ever worked.

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