May 4, 2017

I walked into a spider web while leaving the house this morning. It’s finally (FINALLY!) sunny and warm in Portland and the local arachnids are taking advantage of that by being gigantic and trying to catch humans before they’ve had too much coffee. I sincerely hope the man walking his dog enjoyed the dance I…

August 26, 2010

As I was waiting at the MAX stop this morning, a man on a bicycle rode up. I noticed him right away for his…unique…outfit. Black baggy shorts. Brown, short-sleeved button-down shirt. White knee socks. Black sneakers. Fanny pack. Messenger bag. iPhone in a holster with large, large headphones (not earbuds at all – the kind…

May 5, 2010

Do whatever the spiders please….. So – you all may or may not remember that the spiders are out to get me. I myself had almost started to believe that their (probably entirely justified) vendetta against me had ended. But alas! They were just dormant for the winter. A couple of weekends ago (it has…

June 3, 2009

Saturday morning, I woke up bright & early (and feeling pretty proud of my brew-fest moderation) to go to the dentist. Now, I loved the dentist. I loved my every six month checkups & cleanings (and would have gone once a month for cleanings had my insurance allowed it). Everything seemed to go along swimmingly….